Sunday, February 8, 2015

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

While my darling bride was out west visiting the grand-babies, I had the opportunity to spend Saturday in Westland with mom and dad. They were moving their bedroom from the 20-year old upstairs dormer to the first floor bedroom, to allow eldest grandson Ramon to move into their upstairs 'apartment'.
I had done up our new years breakfast concoction ( the night before - to let all the flavors smelt together - and baked it right before I left. I wrapped it in towels and it was still warm and tasty after the 40 minute drive.
We got the bed and dressers in place, while the grandkids brought down clothes and smaller items. It got up to almost 50 degrees so we threw many snowballs and I photojournaled Carlos and Alex creating their snowmen.

Alex and his Creation, while Benjamin miscreants

Ric posing with Car's 3-ball man

Ben and Ric after the partial decapitation of Car's 3-ball man

Ben and Ric politely discussing the recent partial decapitation of Car's 3-ball man, as well as the emotions resulting from a good snowball hit to the face
I didn't stay too late - the kids were still working furiously when I left - but my back was tight and I took a long winter's nap when I did get home.

Blessed be God forever!!

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