Tuesday, August 23, 2016

fall, FaLl, fALL

Cooler temps - especially in the evenings and mornings, a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber, and the local sportspeak majoring in college football and basketball (and, even the Lions) - the summer is waning and autumn beckons.

This summer has been quite warm and humid, comparatively speaking. We really had to crank the air conditioners this year at home; at work we used it almost unceasingly through July and August.

I have not yet drafted my NFL fantasy team, and my MLB team - in spite of being in the bottom third in the power rankings - is holding on to a tie for second place in my division and hopes of making the playoffs for the third straight year. This season, my Red Sox connection of Pedroia, Betts, and Oritz has produced well and consistently. In the absence of King Felix since May, I picked up Iwakuma who has done well. Smardzija, Hosmer, Tomlin, and Hammel I've had most of the year - the rest of my lineup i've had to pick and choose from week to week. I gave last year's A.L. Cy Young winner from Houston Dallas Keuchel about four weeks of garbage before dropping him. He still not regained his prowess from last year.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Love seeks one thing only: the good of the one loved. It leaves all the other secondary effects to take care of themselves. Love, therefore, is its own reward.

—Thomas Merton

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Father, I confess all the disdain and loathing in my heart as sin, and I voluntarily release it all to You. I don't want it any more - I know there is no good that comes from it.
Forgive me, forgive me for holding on to all that garbage for so long.
Come, refresh my heart, fill me with Your love, Your wisdom, Your Spirit.
Let me be a vessel of Your grace and mercy to others, and You alone get the glory.

All praise to You LORD God almighty!
'Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.'

~Bern Williams


Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Cucumbers are Thriving

The thin silver sliver of moon hangs delicately in the west above the trees, the Tigers are winning again, I am well fed, and life is good. I have taken my pills and cleaned the kitchen, and am listening to both Keith Green and someone nearby firing repeatedly from what sounds like a shotgun - way too close to our little community of law-abiding tax-paying trailer park citizens. Protect us, Lord.
I whipped the weeds and trimmed and edged with my little Black and Decker, then cut the grass at three different levels earlier. My back is tight.

Note to self re pickles: more dill, more garlic, more hot pepper flakes, boil the brine.

Why does Swiss cheese have holes in it?

Family History

My Grandpa and His Family

Being a small part of the story of my maternal grandfather’s family, including his parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and their children and children’s children.

I was born in Detroit, MI on 16 October 1963 to Marilyn Ann Frank and Jack George Baldner. A small part of the story of Jack Baldner and his family is told elsewhere in this collection.

Marilyn Ann Frank, born 29 December 1941 in Detroit, is the oldest daughter of Walter Frederick Frank, born on 24 July 1915 in Detroit, and Lillian M. Wodtke, born on 24 September 1917 in Detroit and married on 28 September 1940. A small part of the story of Lillian and her family is told elsewhere in this collection.

Walter Frank was the son of Herman Frederick Frank, born 29 June 1894 in Taylor Center and Emma Reschke, born 27 September 1892 and married on 14 Nov 1913.

Herman was the son of Frederick Fritz Frank, born 1 March 1850 in Prussia, Germany and Mary Ahrens born 5 November 1851 in Germany. These two were married on 7 January 1882 in Cook County, Illinois, and immigrated that same year.

The first four children of Fred and Mary Frank were all born in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois:
1. Ida Marie Frank in November 1874,
2. Ernest Carl Frank in June 1876,
3. Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Frank in 1878, and
4. Albert Frank in 1879.

The 1880 census records show Fritz Frank as the 30 year old white married Head of Household Laborer born in Germany and could read and write. Mary Frank was the 29 year old Wife of the head born in Germany and occupied as Keeping House.
Ida was 5, Ernst was 3, Lizzie was 2, and Albert 9 months. The family lived at 152 Coblentz Street in Chicago, just north of Humboldt Park.

Coblentz Street was renamed McLean Avenue - after a local judge - during a major renaming project in Chicago during the First World War; the east-west streets having names which came from German people or places were all given names with more of an English sound:  Wellington, Shakespeare, Dickens, … I do not know if the home that was once numbered 152 Coblentz is still standing.

5. John Frank was born on 10 May 1881 and passed on 20 September 1881 in Taylor Center, Michigan.
6. Minna Frank was born 6 September 1882 in Taylor.

7. Emma Frank was born 26 March 1884 in Taylor.

Most of the census records from 1890 were destroyed by fire or the water used in extinguishing said fire.

The 1900 census records show Fritz Frank as the 50 year old Head of Household having been married for 28 years and owned his farm with a mortgage. Maria was the Wife of the Head, also married 28 years and who had already given birth to 15 children, 11 of whom were still living.

There were five children living with Fritz and Maria in 1900, all born in Taylor Township, Michigan:
8. Augusta Frank on 6 May of 1885,
9. Anna (Annie) Frank in January 1887,
10. Martha Frank on 8 February 1888,
11. Willie Frank in January 1991, (this census says 1881 but we know better), and
12. Herman Frank in June 1894.

In 1900, the family lived in Taylor Township, Michigan.

Fritz Frank passed on 11 May 1905.

In 1910, Mary was the white female 68 year old Head of Household living at 600 Hubbard Avenue in Detroit, along with William 19, Helman 16, and Anna 23. William and Helman were both laborers in the auto factory industry and Anna was a wire-weaver in some unreadable industry.

1. Ida Marie Frank was born on 13 November 1874 in Chicago and passed in Detroit on 4 October 1948. In Taylor Center, on 13 September 1893 she married Charles Frederick Kenitz, born 25 December 1871 in Hamburg, Germany.

Ida and Charles had two children:  A. Elizabeth Kenitz born 9 April 1894 and B. Ella Lena Kenitz born 28 March 1897.

In the 1910 Census, Charles F Kenitz, male, 38, white Head of Household born in 1871 in Germany and having immigrated in 1887, was listed as a Laborer doing Odd Jobs, could read and write, and owned his home free and clear. He was living with 1. Ida M Kenitz, wife, female age 35 born in Illinois and listing no occupation and not being able to read or write, A. Lizzie H Kenitz, daughter female age 16 born in Michigan able to read and write and occupied as a Helper in a Shoe Shop, and B. Ella L Kenitz, daughter female age 13 born in Michigan not occupied but able to read and write. They lived at1628 Lafayette in Detroit.

In the Fourteenth Census of the United States: 1920 – Population records, the family changed their name to Kenietz. Chas was now a die setter in the auto factory industry, Lizzie was now 25 and a tunic keeper in the motor? Factory industry; and Ella was 22 and a Clerk in the Store (Dry Goods) industry. Uncle 4. Albert Frank now lived in the Lafayette home, 40 years old and single, and could read and write, having been born in Illinois. He was currently occupied as a Laborer in the Body Factory industry.

In 1930, the Kenitz family lived at 6254 W. Lafayette in Detroit. Charles was the Head, and owned the home worth $4000 as well as a radio set. This home was not a farm. He was 58, white, married since he was 21 years old, had not attended school but (amazingly so) could both read and write.  He could still speak English and was occupied as a repair man in the radiator factory industry, employed but not a veteran.
1. Ida was the wife of the Head, 55 and white, having been married at 18 years of age.  She had also not attended school but could both read and write and was not occupied.
Uncle 4. Albert was a single white male living with them, who had not attended school but could both read and write. He could also speak English and was occupied as a laborer in the lumber yard industry, employed but not a veteran.
Also on the roll was Minnie Thompson, a single white 39 year old woman listed as a boarder. She was born in New York as were her parents, she could read and write even though she had not attended school. Minnie was gainfully employed as a seamstress in the dress factory industry.

A. Elizabeth married Harry Weldon Merrill, (born 13 September 1895 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co.,Minnessota; died 18 December 1964 in Dearborn, Wayne Co., Michigan. ) on 14 February 1920 in Detroit. He was the son of William Henry Merrill and Minnie M. Bowden.

Elizabeth and Harry had three children: i. Ruth Elizabeth Merrill and ii. Harry Weldon Merrill, both born 16 May 1923 in Detroit, and iii. Marjorie Jane Merrill, born 11 June 1930 in Detroit.

In 1930, the Merrill family lived at 2370 Cabot in Detroit. Harry owned the home, worth $7500, and a radio set. He was 35, from Minnesota, as was his father, but mom was from California. He worked as a Salesman in the Bakery industry, and was a veteran of the World War.
A. Elizabeth was the 34 year old wife of the Head, having been married since she was 26, from Michigan, but Dad was from Germany and Mom from Illinois. ii. Harry Jr. and i. Ruth were the twin 6 year olds.

In 1940, the Merrill Family owned the home at 7318 Navy in Detroit, worth $3500. Harry was now a Grinder in the Auto Parts Mfg industry. As the kids were 16 and 9 now, A. Elizabeth was working as a Contompimeter opr in the Department store office industry.

ii. On 19 June 1948 Harry Merrill Jr married Maryanne Happley in Detroit

i. Ruth Elizabeth Merrill married Donald Richard Doty on 6 May 1944 at St Marks Evangelical and Reformed, Detroit, Michigan and settled in Royal Oak, Michigan. Donald was the son of Richard Grover and Ada Lorraine Nagel. Ruth worked at Timken when she was young, (from the obit at findagrave.com): She was survived by her loving husband of 64 years, Donald, and three children; Douglas (Ann), Janice Pask (Dennis), and Jane MacKenzie (David). She was also the loving grandmother of Libby and Megan MacKenzie and step grandmother of Barrett and Ali Toole. Also surviving was a sister, Marge Reinholz (Art). She was preceded in death by her brother Harry Merrill.

iii. Marjorie Jane Merrill married Art Reinholz on 24 July 1954

B. Ella Lena Kenitz married Fred William Reschke on 1 May 1920 in Detroit…both were 23 years old and white from Detroit, born in Michigan, and hadn’t been previously married. Frederick was an auto worker whose dad’s name was Fred and whose mom’s name was Bertha Shusky; Ella a Clerk whose dad was Charles and whose mother was Ida Franke. The good Pastor Adolf Mallick officiated in the presence of Albert Schinsky and Emily Reschke.

Being assigned Serial No. 136, Fred William Reschke of 645 Rademacher in Detroit, Mich., having been born on February 28 1897 in Detroit, Mich. U.S.A, and being a native of the United States registered for the draft. He listed his father’s birthplace as Rosenburg Germany and his place of employment as Hayes Manufacturing Co., Maybury Grand, Detroit, Mich. and the name of nearest relative was Bertha Reschke (Mother), sharing the same address as Fred. He described himself as white, medium height, stout build, blue eyes, brown hair, and not having lost arm, leg, hand, eye, and not palpably physically disqualified.
Carl M. Crissey, Registrar certified that the answers were true on June 5th 1918.

A. Elizabeth and Harry Merrill, and B. Ella and Fred Reschke are buried together in Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit.

2. In 1918, 23% of the U.S. population registered for the draft. Ernest Carl Frank was one of the approximately 24,000,000 men who filled out and signed the card that may or may not have led the signor into war. His Serial Number stamped at the top was 3130, the Order Number filled in by someone else was a2040 (lower case ‘a’ there, like Dennis Tuomi used to make his report card a’s). Uncle Ernest began filling in his name on line #1 (First name) Earnest – note the extra vowel in the first syllable -  (Middle name) Chas…then he crossed it out with two swipes, and to the right continued with Carl. Why? Was Charles his real middle name? Did he not want to sound too formal? Did he just misspell Carl and not have an eraser? He went on… (Last name) Frank.
He was 42 at the time, having been born on May 30, 1876, and he lived at Ro #2 in Farmington, Oakland Co, Mich.
RACE was his next multiple choice. His options were White, Negro, Oriental, or Indian (citizen or non-citizen). He X’d ‘White’.
U.S. CITIZEN/ALIEN was his next multiple choice. Under U.S. CITIZEN was ‘Native Born’, ‘Naturalized’, or ‘Citizen by Father’s Naturalization Before Registrant’s Majority’; under ALIEN was either ‘Declarant’ or ‘Non-declarant’. So, to add to the stress of signing up for fighting in a war that may lead to death, loss of limb, or worse, these young men had to be up on their Ellis Island vernacular. Ernest X’d ‘Native Born’.
Ernest listed his occupation as Farming, with Chas Goves his employer, R O 5, Farmington, Oakland Co, Mich.  He listed Mrs Lena Frank, wife, as his nearest relative, living at RO #2, Farmington, Oakland Co, Mich.
He signed the card Ernest Carl Frank (without the extra vowel), affirming that he has verified above answers and that they are true.
Registrar William R Shaw then described Ernest as a Medium HEIGHT, Medium BUILD, gray eyed brown haired man with no loss of arm, leg, hand, eye and without physical disqualification.  He certified his answers were true … on 12 September 1918.

Ernest and married Lena Harer, daughter of Fred and Carolina Schmitt on 2 Jul 1898 in Livonia Mi. They had A. Marne Frank in 1899.

In the 1910 roll, they lived in Redford, MI and Ernest was a farm laborer who rented a house and could read and write. He listed children A. Mamie (b 29 Nov 1898) 11, B. Lillie 9, C. Arthur 6, and D. Milan 1.

In 1920, Ernest C was 42, he lived in a farm house in Livonia on Elm Road married to Lena H as dairy farmers on his own account but renting their home. The roll lists Ernest C 43, Lena H 42, B. Lillian I 18, C. Arthur F 15, D. Milan H 10, Louis Gribly 50, and Blanche Rainey 25.

In 1930, Ernest C is listed as the male white head of household living in Plymouth, MI at 602 Coolidge, owned home. He was a laborer in the odd job industry listing Ernest C 53, Lena M 52, Authur F 24, Anna 26, and Milan 21 in the roll.

Lena died on 3 May 1931 at the age of 52 of a rare kidney tumor.

A. On 27 Sep 1919 in Detroit, Mamie Emma Anna Frank married Clarence Alfred Gottschalk, a white male 20 year old living in Detroit, son of Christian and Minnie Pohlmann.
In 1920 Mamie and Clarence lived on Dix Avenue in Detroit, she was a book keeper for a bank

Clarence registered for the war in 1918 and died in 1921; he rests at Woodmere Cemetery.
On 1 Mar 1923 Mamie Gottschalk Frank married Adolph Trapp, (15 AUG 1892 - son of Henry and Anna Schoenberg from Farmington MI.
Mamie and Adolph had a boy i. Roland A Trapp on 11 April 1927 but he died on 4/22/33 of pneumo…………. ….. gites. Burial at St Johns Cemetary on 4/26/33.

In 1930, Adolph and Mamie lived in Salem in Washtenaw Co MI, where Adolph was a famer in the General Farming industry.  The roll that year lists Adolph O 38, Marcine E 31, ii. Marvin E 5, iii. Thelma Ann 4, and iv. Rolland A 2.

In 1940, Adolph worked as a truck driver in the Wash Co Road industry and Mamie worked as a diet kitchen worker in the Maybury Sant industry.
Marvin was the 15 yo son, Thelma the 14 yo daughter, and June, Jean, and Jane were the 8 year old triplet daughters.

ii. Marvin Edward Trapp was born 2 OCT 1924 in Livonia. He married Edna Wongstrom (1924-2011) from Northville, daughter of Eather Schade and Arthur Wongstrom on 22 Feb 1947 in Northfield Township, MI. Marvin lived at 11633 N Shore Drive in Whitmore Lake from 2007 –2008.

iii. Thelma Ann Trapp -  from find a grave.com:

Jan. 14, 1926
Dec. 2, 2015
Washtenaw County
Michigan, USA

Kimmel, Thelma 1/14/1926 - 12/2/2015 Saline Kimmel, Thelma A. December 2, 2015 age 89 of Saline. Beloved wife of the late Donald. Loving mother of Donna (David) Halman, and the late Gary. Dear mother-in-law of Jenny (Tim) Pederson. Proud grandmother of Shawn Halman, and Rev. Matthew (Debra) Kimmel, and great-grandmother of Ellianna Kimmel. Dear sister of June (Fred) Brockmiller, Jane Davis and the late Jean Huyck. Visitation Tuesday 3-8 PM at Vermeulen-Sajewski Funeral Home, 46401 W Ann Arbor Road (btwn Sheldon and Beck) Plymouth. Visitation Wednesday 10:30 AM until the Wednesday 11 AM Funeral Service at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 2945 E. Northfield Church Road, Ann Arbor MI 48105. Interment St. John Lutheran Cemetery. Memorials may be made to the church, or Arbor Hospice. To share memories, please visit vermeulenfuneralhome.com.

Family links:
Adolph O. Trapp (1892 - 1977)
Mamie Emma Anna Frank Trapp (1898 - 1991)

Donald Milton Kimmel (1923 - 1997)

Marvin Edward Trapp (1924 - 1996)*
Thema Ann Trapp Kimmel (1926 - 2015)
Roland Arthur Trapp (1927 - 1933)*

*Calculated relationship

Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
Washtenaw County
Michigan, USA

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Donald Milton Kimmel, from findagrave.com
Jan. 1, 1923
Wayne County
Michigan, USA
Dec. 8, 1997
Michigan, USA

Family links:
  Thema Ann Trapp Kimmel (1926 - 2015)*

Gary A. Kimmel (1953 - 1987)*

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Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
Washtenaw County
Michigan, USA

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Their son Gary A Kimmel from findagrave.com

Mar. 28, 1953
Michigan, USA
Aug. 16, 1987
Wayne County
Michigan, USA

Family links:
Donald Milton Kimmel (1923 - 1997)

Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
Washtenaw County
Michigan, USA

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i. Roland Arthur Trapp (1927-1933)

B. On 31 December 1924 in Clarenceville, MI, Lillian I Frank married Christ Bogenschutz, (b. 1901 in Wisconsin), a white male aged 23 factory worker now living in Northville MI son of Dominick and Delphine Bellanger. T Grapner, Clergyman officiated in the presence of Arthur Frank and Elsie Melow, both of Plymouth, MI.

In 1930, Christ and Lillian both 28, rented for $10 a month their home in Lyon Township Oakland County and owned a radio set. Delphine was their 4 ½ year old daughter.

In 1940, the Bogenschutz’s rented the home at 1626 Meade Ave, Northville Township for $15 a month. Listed in the roll were
Christian, Head, 38yo, finished 8th grade from Wisconsin, working as a laborer in the sewers industry.
Lillian, Wife, 39 yo, finished 7th grade from Michigan
Delphine, Daughter 14 finished 7th grade
Joanne, Daughter 8 finished 2nd grade
Roger, Son 5yo,
Ruth, Daughter 3 yo

In 1950 Ruth was confirmed at the Lutheran Church in Plymouth,m her cousins June, Jane, and Jean were all there.

C. Arthur Frank – could find nothing definitive.
D. Milan Frank - could find nothing definitive.

3. Lizzie Frank was born in 1878 and married Christ Brazel on 31 Oct 1896
In 1900, Christopher Brazel rented at 739 S. May Street in Chicago. He was the white male Head of Household born Sept 1877 (22 y.o.) and had been married 3 years. He and his parents were all born in Germany having immigrated in 1880 as a 20 year old and he was employed as a Teamster. He was naturalized and rented the home they lived in. Lizzie the Wife was the white female born in August 1877 (22 y.o.) and also had been married 3 years. She was born in Illinois but her parents in Germany, and she could read, write, and speak English. Fred the son was a white male born in May of 189smudge, born in Illinois, 1 year old, and single. Albina the daughter was the white female born Jan 1898, born in Illinois, 2 years old, and single.

In 1910, they rented at 2047 20th Street. Christ was employed as a Laborer in the grain elevator industry. He had not been out of work and could still read and write.
Alvina was 12 and Freddie was 10.

In 1920, they owned the home at 2219 S 60th Court. Christ and Elizabeth were both 42, Alvina was 22 and married to Joseph Turek, living with the family. Fred was 21, employed doing Office Work in the wholesale grocery industry and single and new daughter Julia was 18 and a Filer in the Lenses Mfg Co industry.

4. Albert Frank was born in September 1879 in Cook County IL. The 1890 census records are all lost, but in the 1900 roll, Albert Frank 21 was listed as a Boarder (along with Chelsey Yoblesky 19 at the home of Louis and Mary E Cook in Romulus Township, Wayne County, MI. He confided that he was employed as a Farm Laborer but unemployed 4 months of the year, and he could read, write, and speak English.
In 1910, I could not find him.
In 1920 he was living with Ida and Charles Kenietz on Lafayette in Detroit.

5. John Frank 1881-1881

6. Minnie Frank born in 06 Sept 1882 in Taylor to Frederick and Mary Frank, married William Miller on 4 March 1905. They had Edna Mae on 16 Sept 1905, who died Edna Mae Downs on 10 Sept 1954

7. Emma ‘Emmie’ Frank. Born 26 Mar 1884 daughter of Frederick and Mary
Franke, married Homer (son of Myron and Ellen Weeks) Tucker on 28 NOV 1901 in Delray. They had a daughter A. Ethel Tucker b. 1903 in Wisconsin.

The 1910 census has Homer Tucker head of household age 3smudge, Emma Tucker age 26 as the wife of the head both married nine years and daughter A. Ethel 3 years old. Homer was a dealer in the Bread industry and owned his home free and clear at 20 Bedford Ct in Detroit.

The 1920 census has Homer Tucker as Head of household age 48, Emma Tucker Wife age 35, A. Ethel Tucker age 13, and B. Stanley Tucker age 4. They still lived at 20 Bedford Ct and owned the home free and clear. Homer was now a Salesman in the Bread Cev industry.

On 27 October 1923 A. Ethel (who said she was 18 and born in 1905) married Arthur McCabe aged 20 from Wisconsin in Detroit. Arthur’s parents were James and Mildred Kaschal.

The 1930 census has Homer Tucker head of household age 58, Emma Tucker wife age 46, B. Stanley Tucker age 14, C. Donald Tucker age 10, and Edward Lutz a boarder age 37.

8 Augusta Frank b. 6 May 1885
In 1900 Gusta was 15 living with mom and dad

In 1905 Gusta M Frank (father Frederick – but Fred died in ’05 also - and mother Mary Ahens) married Lewis P. Sutliff in Detroit.  Father Richard H. and mother Christina Boltz.

In 1910, Lewis P Sutliff was Head MW 28 M 4, born in Michigan as were his parents and spoke English. He was a Foreman in the Brass Foundry industry working as a worker not unemployed and rented their home.
Gusta M Sutliff was Wife F W 24 M 4 with 1 child and 1 living child, born in Michigan but both parents were from Germany, no occupation but could read and write. Junior was A. William G Sutliff, Son M W 4 S, born in Michigan with no occupation.

On September 12 1918 Lewis Peter registered for the world war. He listed his permanent address as 602 Hubbard in Detroit, dob 2/5/1882 ,white, native-born, Brass Foundry Foreman at the Cope Pattern Works, 41 McDougall Ave Detroit. He listed Mrs. Gusta M. Sutliff as next of kin and described himself as tall, medium build, brown eyes, dark red hair, with no loss of leg, hand, eye, or any other physical deformity.

Right next door, at 600 Hubbard Ave, was Mary… In 1910, Mary was listed as the white female 68 year old head of household living at 600 Hubbard Ave in Detroit with William 19, Hilman 16, and Anna 23. William and Hilman were both laborers in the auto factory industry and Anna was a wire-weaver in some unreadable industry.

In 1920, at 602 Hubbard Ave in Detroit, the census record lists Louis P/F Sutliff age 37 as the white male Head of household who owned his own home with a mortgage and was a foreman in a Foundry, parents born in Michigan native tongue English, did not attend school but can read and write. He was married to Gustie M. Sutliff 35 yo W F wife also not schooled but could read and write, born in America with an English Mother Tongue. Her parents were German with a German Mother Tongue.
A. Wm G Sutliff 13yo Son single male who did indeed go to school and could read and write.  The other SM son was B. Norman L Sutliff 3, who was not occupied and not yet in school
Abiding here now also was great Mary Frank 68, who may have been renting out 600 Hubbard Ave next door to the Hess Family, This record says Mary immigrated in 1871 and was naturalized in 1886, had not been schooled but could read and write.

Some time before 1930, the houses were re-numbered. In 1930, the Hess’s were still renting the home next to the Sutliff’s; rent at 2124 Hubbard Ave was $26 a month.
At 2418 Hubbard Ave lived Louis P Sutliff, owner of a house worth $12,000 and a radio set, working as a Foreman in the Foundry Brass industry. His bride this year was Gusta; William the 24 year old son was a Laborer in the Electric Co industry and Norman the 14 year old son was going to school, and Mary Frank 78 was the mother-in-law.
Also living in the same home were newlyweds Harry and Grace Surber, renting for $50 a month
I do not think these houses exist any more. L
I could find nothing in 1940 on any of these folks.
BUT, Norman Lewis Sutliff, son of Lewis Peter and Gusta (Frank) Sutliff, got married in Elhhert, IN to Henrietta Harrlett Hardy (daughter of Peter J Hardy and Minnie Noffke), of Steuben, IN sometime after 30 Jul 1938, when the license was issued. BB Shake officiated (no lie).
In 1930, the same three men were listed as living at 2128 Hubbard Ave with a radio set and the ability to speak English. Louis P 48, Gusta 44, William 24, Norman 14,

B. Norman L Sutliff married Henrietta
A. William G Sutliff married Margie G Faulk (parents Ivar and Eleanor Elsey)  on 26 Mar 1932 in Detroit.
In 1942, When he was 60 and having been assigned Serial Number 3895, Lewis Peter was apparently forced to register for WWII: 2128 Hubbard Avenue, phone La 6244, place of birth Taylor Center, employer Lincoln Brass Works, 2067 12th Street Detroit.

Lewis, Gusta, and Norman L are all buried at Woodmere Cemetery

9. Anna Ida Frank was born in 1887 in Michigan.
She married Ernest Huck (04 Mar1888 – Dec 1969; father Carl and mother Caroline) on 11 June 1910 in Detroit. He was a carpenter and 22 with Carl listed as his father and she was 23 with no father listed. Adolf Mallick was the Pastor, Wm Frank and Martha Mattie? Koepke were witnesses

When Ernest was 29 on 5 June 1917, he registered for the draft as Ernest William Huck aged 29 years, home at 43 Grisman? In Detroit MI as a natural born citizen born in Detroit. He listed his present trade/occupation as Carpenter with the Solvay Process Co, a coke plant, in Detroit. He claimed exempt due to a family to support: He listed dependents as a wife and 2 children;  and called himself white with no military experience. He described himself as tall of height, medium of build with brown eyes, black hair, not bald, and not having lost an arm, leg, foot or both eyes. The Ward 18 registrar with the flowery handwriting was Amos Snedeker.

In 1920, Ernest Huck was the Head of Household living at 43 Reissman, Detroit City, he owned his house, and was 31 yo, white, male, and married. He had not attended school but could read and write, having been born in Michigan – his father and mother both in Germany. He could speak English and was employed as a Carpenter in the House industry, working.
Anna was the white female 31 yo married wife of the head, born in Michigan with both parents born in Germany, she could both read and write not ever having been in school.
A. Clarence Huck was the white male single 8 yo son, B. Elmer Huck the 6 (both in school), and C. Milton Huck the 3 month old.

In 1930, everybody was ten years older and they all lived at7262 Gartner Avenue in southwest Detroit:

10. Martha Frank. Born on 8 February 1888 in Taylor MI, Martha Frank
married Richard O. Jonofski (b.10 DEC 1889) on 6 Aug 1910 in Detroit. Fred and Mary are listed as the bride’s parents and Frederick (farmer) and Mary are listed as the groom’s parents – what a coincidence. They were married by Fred E. DeGaw, Justice, in the presence of Liaisa Lawback and Otto H. Peans, both of Detroit, MI.

In 1910, Richard and Martha Janofski lived at 444 Crawford Avenue in Detroit with 7 month old son Harold Janofski. Richard was a Machinist in the Auto Fac industry and they rented their home. Richard passed away on 29 Aug 1915 and is buried in Taylor Cemetery.

11. William C Frank was born 5 January 1891 in Taylor, Michigan. William 20  married Martha E Koepke 22 on 19 Aug 1911- both were from Detroit, Wm born in Michigan while Martha was born in Germany; Wm an Assembler whose parents were named Fred and Mary, and Martha a Dressmaker whose parents were John and Caroline. Adolf Mallick was the Pastor who officiated and Herman Frank and Lizzie Kenitz, both of Detroit, witnessed.

On June 5, 1917, William registered for the War as a man of medium height, medium build with eyes l. blue and hair l. brown (but not bald) and with something ruptured. He was 26, living at 464 Artillery in Detroit as a Natural Born citizen from Taylor on Jan 5th 1891, and listed his occupation as an auto assembler for the Timken Detroit Axle Co on Clark St in Detroit. He claimed he had a wife and two children wholly dependent on him and also that he was Caucasian, and signed the registration as William C Frank.

In 1920, The Franks lived at 464 Artillery, where they owned the home there with a mortgage.
William C Frank was the Head, the white male 28 yo born in Michigan with both parents born in Germany; he could read and write and made a salary as a storekeeper in the factory industry.
Martha M was the Wife of the Head, white female 31 yo, immigrated to the US in 1891 and was naturalized. She could read and write, and was born in German, as were her parents and she could speak English but was not employed in a particular trade or profession.
A. Earl J Frank was 3 and a half,
B. Eva M Frank was 2 and a half, and
C. Jean ? Frank was four months old.

In 1930, William C. Frank owned the home worth $9000 at 1056 Artillery Ave in Detroit; he was the white male Head of Household aged 39 and married since he was 20, did not attend school but could read and write, born in Michigan with mom and dad both born in Germany. He was employed as a Night-Forge Foreman in the Auto Part Factory industry, worked full time and was not a veteran.
Martha Frank was Wife of the Head white female aged 41 married since 22 did not attend school but could amazingly read and write, born in Germany as were her parents, naturalized in 1890 with no occupation.
Earl J. Frank was the white male Son aged 13 and single, had gone to school and could read and write born in Michigan.
Eva Frank was the white female Daughter still single and 12 years old, had gone to school and could read and write.
Jean Frank was the white female Daughter single and ten years old going to school and could read and writer
D. William C Frank Jr was the white male single son aged 9 having had gone to school but not recorded whether he could read or write.

In 1940, The Franks lived at 1056 Livernois in a home they owned worth $4000, William was a Salesman in the Retail Radio Store industry. Martha was the wife of the head and sons still at home were Earl 23 and William Jr 19.

Later, when he was 51 (can you believe it?!?), William was provided serial number 3933 and registered for yet another World War as William Charles Frank of 1056 Livernois in Detroit with telephone Vinewood 1-5439. He listed Mr. Earl Frank of the same address as the Person Who Will Always Know Your Address and his current employer as the Cadillac Motor Car Division, 2860 Clark Ave Detroit.
Married Martha E Koepke ( 1888 – 9Jan1965) in 1911. Married Mary Ellen Pletcher (7 JUL 1923 – 16 Mar 1995) and both are buried at Woodmere. 

12. Herman Frederick Frank was born on 29 June 1894 in Taylor, Michigan. He married Emma Reschke (27 Sep 1892 – 20 Mar 1968) on 15 Nov 1913. Emma Reschke’s mom was Bertha Schinski and dad was Fred.

On 5th June, 1917, Herman Fred Frank registered for the World War. He listed his date of birth as 9th June 1894 and called himself a Natural born citizen. He was an auto worker employed at Timken Detroit Axel at Clark and Oak St. He was married with a wife and two children and called himself Caucasian, having not seen military service prior. He described himself as tall of height, medium of build, eyes grey, hair light brown, and neither arm, leg, hand, foot, nor both eyes lost.

In 1920, Herman Frank was the married white male head of household aged 25 who owned his home with a mortgage at 641 Rademacher in Detroit, had not gone to school but could read and write. His parents were from Germany with a German Mother Tongue and he worked as a Foreman in the Auvto Rlano industry. Emma E Frank was the married white 27 year old wife of the head who had not gone to school but could read and write born in Michigan with parents born in Germany with German Mother Tongue and not employed.
Harold H Frank was the 5 year old single white male son who had been in school, and Walter F Frank was the 4 and a half year old son.

In 1930, Herman F Frank was the 35 year old married since aged 19 white male owner of his home at 1519 Rademacher in Detroit worth $6000 born in Michigan but parents born in Germany employed as a Foreman in the Sign Shop industry Head of Household.
Emma C Frank was the 37 year old married since aged 21 white Wife of the Head born in Michigan whose parents were born in Germany with no occupation.
Harold was the 15 year old son in school who could read and write but was not employed; Walter was the 14 year old son in school who could read and write but was not employed;
Delores and Dorothy were the 3 and ten twelfths year old single white daughters not in school and not employed.

In 1940, Herman F., Emma, Harold, Walter, Dolores, and Dorothy lived at 1519 Rademacher in Detroit. Herman was the white male married did not attend school in 1940 but completed the 8th grade and was employed as a Foreman in the Poster and Sign Company industry making $2200 yearly Head of Household who owned his own home valued at $2500.
Emma was the 47 year old white married not employed not going to school in 1940 but who completed 8th grade Wife of the Head.
Harold was the single white 25 year male son who had not gone to school in 1940 but who had finished grade H-4 and who was presently employed as a Stock Boy in the Department Store industry making $1050 yearly.
Walter was the single white 24 year old male son who had not gone to school in 1940 but who had finished grade H-4 and who was presently employed as a Bill Poster in the Poster and Sign Company industry making $2000 yearly.
Dolores and Dorothy were the single white 13 year old females who had gone to school in 1940 and who had finished 8th grade and were not presently employed.

In 1942, Herman registered for WWII as Herman William Frank, living at 1519 Rademacher in Detroit, with telephone number Vi 1-7881. He listed his employer as Walker & Co, 88 Custer in Detroit, and the person who will always know his whereabouts as Mrs. Emma Frank of 1519 Rademacher. He signed the bottom line as Herman William Frank.

Walter (mother Emma Reschke and father Herman) married Lillian Wodtke (father Otto and mother Emma Guenther) on 28 Sept 1940 in Detroit.

Harold (from mom) had a girlfriend in all the photos named Esther. He went into the war as a private in 1941 after 3 years of high school and was employed as a buyer and department heads single without dependents.

Later, Herman and Emma moved to 30643 Adams, Gibralter, MI
In 1960 Harold and Grace Frank lived at 626 Myron Avenue in Lincoln Park, he was a bill poster.
On 16 Aug 1947 Harold Frank married Addie Grace Barber in Detroit
On 10 May 1947, Frederick R Heise married Delores Frank. Herman August and Emma Bertha Huth were his parents. They lived at 9224 Park Avenue in Allen Park.

In 1940 Fred Heise17 lived with his mother and siblings Lawrence 13, Raymond 12, Robert 10, Allen 8
On 14 Oct 1950, Dorothy Frank married Arthur L Schneider of Detroit in Detroit. Art was born in Buckley IL to parents William F and Louise Wickbolt (Weekboldt, Wiehboldt).

On 15 July 1914 William Schneider (born 1891) 23 married Louise Weekboldt (b 1892) 22 in Cook County, IL.

In 1920, in Chicago, living at 2138 21st Place were 27 yo William H Schneider, a Teacher in the German School industry; 27 yo wife Louise A; 2 and 1/12 yo Eleanor A; and 7/12 yo Loretta H
In 1921, in Chicago, on 24 Feb Ruth Anna Schneider was born to Wm F Schneider and Louise Wickboldt

In 1930, in Ash Grove Township, IL William F Schneider (born in Michigan, parents from Germany) was the Head, Louisa A the Wife (born in Illinois, parents in Germany), Elenora A (born in Michigan) the 12 year old and Loretta H (born in Illinois) the 10 year old daughters, Ralph W was the 3 yo son and Arthur the 2 year old son. William was a teacher in the Lutheran School industry.

In 1940, in the municipality of Woodworth, in Ash Grove Township, Iroquois County, Illinois, renting for $10 a month, was the Schneider Family: William, the 49 year old married male Head born in Michigan who had finished C-2 grade in school and was employed as a Teacher in the Parochial School industry making $1000 a year; Louise, the 47 year old married wife of the Head born in Illinois who had finished 8th grade and was not employed; Ralph W, the 13 year old single white male son who had finished 7th grade and who was born in Illinois; and Arthur L, the single white male 12 year old son who had finished 6th grade and who was born in Illinois.

Mike none Reschke registered for WWII in 1942, address was 8689 Concord and he worked at the DPW just north of his home as a sewer maintenance man; William Green 14177 Troester was listed.
Frederick William Reschke
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Dec. 2, 1866
Sep. 17, 1915


Note: 48 years, nine months, 15 days old; born in Germany; lived at 626 Buchanan, Detroit, Michigan; J. Schmalzriedt funeral home

Woodmere Cemetery
Wayne County
Michigan, USA
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In 1910, the Reschkes lived at 626 Buchanan St in Detroit. Father Frederick W 43, owned his home with a mortgage, Mother Bertha 36, Emma 18, Lena 16, Frederick 13, and Amelia 11. They immigrated in 1884 and had their naturalization papers. Fred Sr was a Carpenter in the House industry, both could read and write although they did not attend school. Emma and Lena were both Machine Operators in the Coverall Factory industry.
Next door at 622 Buchanan to Frederick Reschke lived Fred Reschke and his family. He was 32, his wife Minnie was 30, daughter Edna was 7, son Rudolph 5, son Otto 3, and daughter Clara 1. Fred and Minnie were Aliens from Germany who immigrated in 1903 Fred owned the home free and clear and was a Frisis Lev in the Piano industry.

In 1900, another Reschke clan lived in Detroit: August May 1862, Auguste Mar 1862, Herman Nov 1882, Fred May of 1888, William June 1892, and Lillian April of 1896, Lottie July 1898. Lil and Lottie were born in Michigan, everyone else in Germany and sailed for usa in 1893. Fred was a Shoemaker, Herman a Bellboy, Fred and William’s profession was At School.

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