Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yestreday Monday was the car chase on TV then I re-did the dock. That wood is soooo heavy. But it's out there and at least in a decent direction. Got it out and the beached raked before sweetie got home. Tigers looked bad and got beat by the lowly Athletics.
I stayed up late watching Cleopatra ('35) and The King of Kings ('27), both by C.B DeMille.
09:30 Almost 10 and the coffee is ready :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yestreday helped Doug stain his deck in Howell and then cut hill grass at home; Sweetie worked all day. Tigers beat the Astros on an Inge home in the 9th.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


The Tigers scored 4 in the frist two innings, JV went 5 but Joel walked in the winning run in the 8th. Sucka

Friday, June 26, 2009


This morning out for breakfast and ended up at Kappans Coney in Ann Arbor. Good sandwich! Construction there didn't dampen our spirits and we worked on the yard til almost dark. Put in 2 planter frames and trimmed a ton of growth from where the camper was near the road. Camper will be able to breathe when it returns: The Chateau!! :-)
Blood sugar was 106 and I took 20 units of lantus and 8 units of humalog. Cooking burgers for the game which will be broadcast to us from Houston.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Up early and read the paper and did my puzzles until the Tigers at 1:00. Took a nap and then Kev came over to get the camper. Helped him hook it up and followed him home with it. Praise God for His goodness!!
Stopped at a party store in Canton for goodies and got home before dark and watched the Tiger replay on FSD.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Picked up Mary Ann from Henry Ford and then downtown to see the Tigers beat the Chicago Cubs. Lost of pitchers used and the game went long....long enough to let out right when the fireworks got over.
Stuck in traffic right there for a while....got home at 1:00 and slept well

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sprayed off the camper and lawn chairs in the hot sun yestreday ... agood job for a muggy day. Watched the Cain Mutiny, ate alot and fell asleep early. I need my humalog pens and 50 cc syringes.
If I only had a brain.
humalog pens
1/2 cc syringes
19:45 got insulin, cut lake grass, fed Sierra, watched Anatomy of a Murder; Sweetie works til 8. Paid some bills, scoring the Tigers game
22:20 Rayburn walkoff homer to beat the Cubbies! We're going down tomorrow!

Monday, June 22, 2009


After two solid weeks. Yestreday Sunday toots worked early and I went to see Mary Ann for a quick visit. Then to mom and dads after walmart for lemonade and the Johhn Cash card. We hung out on the deck under the new pergola. Had some fish and talked perennials then to the lake to enjoy Fathers Day with pizza from bean beggues?>???? and Carolyn. Tigers finished the Brewerw sweep. It was muggy. Watched some of Stripes, Ghost Busters, then Ghost Busters II with the original Raimis, Murray, and Akroyd. Talked to brother G a bit - he had all three kids over and was loving it!
The lake water continued to rise yestreday after the heavy rains Friday night. dock is floating.
To-day begins the third week of break and the first day of summer.
Blessed be God forever!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yestreday Friday to produce mart in Howell and then dinner with Mary Ann at Maple Grove. She had gained a little weight and seemed upbeat. We sat in on a talk given by Hope which was very good. Watched the Tigers while it poured like 4 inches overnight with not too many storms. Humid might and i didn't sleep well and then up early to air up Mary Ann's tire and put some gas so Moni could take the Bull to work at 9. I took Dakota and ladders to Robinson to clean gutters. Never saw so much biomass in an eaves trough. Makeshift extendo from ACO so my fatass wouldn't have to go on the awning as the roof was too steep to attempt from that side. Got it done and bought some Nattys for the afternoon.
the rain gouges a trough down the driveway and it looks like also through the beach - i will explore in a minute here...Muggy and sunny now, birds are singing and the new citronella Off candle is awwaulting my olfactory senses. Small rain lake in the lawn but large lakes in the neighbours lawns. Huge system coming up from Texas...gonna pull some weeds out of the lake.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yestreday Wednesday got up early and made us a great meal. Did my puzzles and toots was ready for a ride so we went to Lansing to look for a grill cover. Lowes and Menards didn't have one so we finally found one as well as a truck wash and gas for 2.64 a gallon. Leisurely trip home via Grand River and we were in love.
Moni got up before me to-day (Tigs lost in St Louis 4-3) and got me a Mews so I tried the ? Sudoku. Yes - conquered it. Pulled staples from windows and screen door and cut grass by house. Started lawn but cable unhooked from front tires and now i actually have to push the damn thing...i'll do it tomorrow. Toots went to her mom and dads and I raked some weeds out of the water... tons this year it seems. Beautiful evening tonight. I'm reading Bryson again and laughing often. Tigers at 8 and I'm thinking about hot dogs on the grill. My wife is still mysterious and i htink i need to embrace that fact...otherwise I'm too frustrated. I love her, though, more than i love doing Sudoku and eating pizza. Doing some laundry and playing piano....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My blood sugar was 133, lowest it's been in the morning since like forever. Thank You, LORD!
Slept in yestreday. Went through bills and other stuff yestreday. Sweetie has bills from U-M emergency she's going to dispute. $160 recertification fee and a couple of co=pays; irs due end of the month as well as insurance. It is raining. Toots worked 4-8 and I ran out of cigarettes at 5:30 so I found a choke chain for Sierra and we took a hike. Hopped on the trail west off Kress and had to cut through backyards to get to M-36. Si was draggin' at the end (but not me!!) which means she needs more of those!
Toots brought me beer and marlboro 100s but the Tigers didn't care. JV only went 4 innings after like 8 super starts in a row. Pitching had been carrying us but now we're losing 9-2, shitty no hitting...WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?
Eggs, sausage, and taters this morning! :-) Love you toots.

Monday, June 15, 2009

summertime...and the livin is easy

Away from a computer for a couple months but i will sneak away to type. Warmer this week finally and the dryer belt has busted. Tigers are three games up in the AL Central and we're optimistic.


Sweetie worked all day yestreday and then we nabbed Mary Ann. She left this morning. I fixed dryer (belt) and carried a heavy load of shit from the firepit up to the top. Sweetie worked 4-8 and I got tabls for the Dakota.
1989 Duke-UM basketball: Hurley, Laetner, Abdulnaby, Amader, Robinson, Milles, Higgins; Vitale and Jackson called the great game. I ate way too much to-day. Love you, sweetie.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Tigers lost yeatreday sucka; we took a nice ride to Dexter and Chelsea and we will do more of that...Denzel is a good actor. Love you, sweetie!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Wings lost game 7 last night.
Put docks in and cut grass yestreday. Sweetie is working to-day; i'm eating and smoking on the porch. TV sucks. I like movies. Junior is stalking. I love my sexy wife.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yestreday slept in a little with my sweetie but ahd a 9:00 apt. in W. Bloomfield. After to walmart in Milford (nice) for charcoal and topsoil. Put plants in the triangle by the water and messed with the dock a bit. Moni worked 4-8 and I summed a bit and grilled dogs and burgers. Wings and Tigers both at 8 but Championship game for Wings so I devoted time to them. Outplayed, sloppy; Pens looked good and won 2-1. Tigers won in 10 7-6 on a Miggy homer but he's limping.
Comfortable morning, grabbed a paper and I made french toast. Listening to the wealth of motor city radio opinion.
Thank You, Father, for a new day.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Spent the morning my my sweetie and we talked about real things...good! Need to get the tabs for the Dakota, some garbage out, chicken cooked for dinner,. I will limit my intake of sodium this summer. tigers won last night as did the Lakers (2-0), much to the shagrin of my magic-loving brother. Possible jobs at Lakelans Mobil and Zukey Lake Tavern. Hate the brocess...but need to.

-read Bible and Digest
-cook: stuffed chicken with bread/onion/mushrooms, baked potatoes
-garbage out
-call Meggie and Dean
-praise the LORD!

Muggy but breezy here. Vacuumed up and down, sugar is low, had half an apple. I'm blessed to be with my gilrfriend. Dark and cloudy out.
Jehovah Jireh, our Provider!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Tigers won 2-1; Jackson went 9 and gave up 4 hits, had a great May. Wings scored 4 in the 2nd period and won 5-0; another shut out for Ozzie. Moni at work all day. Got the van washed and vacuumed clean good to go.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Got in last night and watched Tigers lose first of 3 to An Halos. Bad morning after taking my beloved to work. After work, cut the gras and blew. Got some brats going. Took Dakota for an oil change. Need a head light and tranny is slipping I think.
Father, we're in Your hands, in Your care, in Your love, in Your perfect peace.
Brought all my shit in from the Caravan; we'll have to give that up tomorrow. Love you baby.

Friday, June 5, 2009

to everything there is a season

Got just a little sentimental this morning, looking around at the familiar environments that I will be leaving for three months...just kinda walked around the house i lived in and enjoyed seeing everything one last time for a while. I don't like saying goodbye, i avoid these at most costs; i'd rather just slip away and then phone a day or two later with an encouraging word or something...
Classroom is clean (?), grades are in, rental room is clean (;-), van is loaded and i have three hours to kill before a dermatology appointment in town...
Thank you, Father, for a new season. Be glorified by my thoughts, words, and actions.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last day, final day, say seee ya

Most of my grades are in, the kids have finished their tests, and so now we have a half hour to kill before lunch. My sophomores i allowed to play x-box ufc on the big screen with the lights out. Hmmmmm...hey guys, turn it down, huh?
Classroom inventory, ordering supplies and books for next year, planning for summer meetings, cleaning, storing, neatening...
LORD, thank you for a good year. And thank you for the time off. May I always honor You with the time You give me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One More Day, Young Fredegar!

At first I thought my landlord said 'he got away again' so i armed myself with the necessary tool for aiding his re-capture: a big stick. He wasn't in his cage to be sure, but as I perused the front room looking for the silouette of a small parakeet, my landlord laughed. 'He DIDN'T get away'; he was just sittin at the bottom of the cage shredding paper with his beak and being decievingly quiet. Ha ha, i laughed, and replaced the stick near the front door where it is stored. So as i went to my room to get out of the stuffy, hot, casual dress (80's era) clothes i wore to work, he reminded me with a hint of joy 'One more day, young Fredegar.'
Yes, one day more with children, one day more of final exams and sitting in quiet rows with sharpened pencils, one day more before the long summer break and sun and peace and no kids.
I am usually a bit sentimental at these times. I eagerly enjoy not having to get up and get dressed if I don't want to. But over the course of a year you get to know folks pretty well and you see kids grow and change and some even tell you you're the coolest teacher ever and who on God's good earth in the real world will ever tell you that? (Dog's don't count. They repeat variations of that every day just by their looks and by their tail wagging...still doesn't count.)
I will miss even the handful of kids who never tried a math problem in ten months but tried often to sleep in my class. I'll miss the kids who get done early and come up and ask if there's anything they can do to help, Mr. B? How cool is that?!? (Of course, an organized teacher would say 'Why yes, Gabriella, please take these extra chairs to the custodian; he wants to borrow them for graduation'. My response typically after looking strangely around the room with that "thinking hard" face would be 'yeah, take these empties out to my truck, thanks'.
But you gotta love that go-getter attitude. We used to be able to give high school credit for 'classroom' or 'office' aids. Not no more, because we wouldn't want a child left behind. So I don't really plan to have any help at all; when it's offered, i'm always like duh...think of something quick, don't waste the opportunity...
I'll miss the loud 8th graders I had first hour - one of whom has a propensity to include Lebron James in every sentence he speaks ('Ooh, Lebron didnt do so good on his quiz, did he?', 'Mr. B., that's not how Lebron throws paper at the wastebasket.', ...) Collectively, they're a pretty ...(have to watch it here) ... academically-challenged group. (You come up with adjectives.)
I'll miss my two seniors who made it almost all the way through a huge Pre-Calculus and Discreet Mathematics textbook, one of which has chosen Harvard over Stanford as her universtiy next year.
I'll miss my sophomores (i'm the class advisor you know) and their quick wit, their hard-working attitudes, and the fun we've had building floats or arranging flowers for graduation.
I'll miss the freshmen algebra class (wait...'miss' is a bit strong here); where the sophomores eluded a strong work ethic and needed little prodding, the freshmen boycotted all manner of homework, period. The average grades for those two groups reflected this, but you still gotta love em!
Yeppers, one more day! Life is good.

A New Hope..

Tigers lost last night, Wings lost last night. Students are taking their final exams and finding ways to kill time while waiting to take their final exams. I gave project assignments for most of my classes so some of my miscreants are busy finishing up their brochures describing a particular Michigan Content Expectation for Advanced Algebra or Geometry and detailing why every child should know this benchmark.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wings up 2-nuttin

Another 3-1 victory for our beloved Red Wings putting them up 2-0 in the best of 7 Stanley Cup Final.