Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Thermo-meter says SEVEN!

Saturday, Valentines Day was cold and blustery - we had already stacked a fresh face-cord of split wood on the deck the night before - and so we dared the elements and road conditions. Our destination was the Howell Wal-Mart for a few items: cleaning supplies, medicine, and - lo and behold they were having a sale on hair-cuts this morning!
Waited about a half hour for the girl to get back from her shopping ("Well, they only schedule one of us at a time, so what do they expect?!?") but I didn't chicken out while sitting in the comfy black pleather chair. My locks were not sufficient to donate (you need ten inches for that); nonetheless the pile on the floor around my chair when the deed was done was impressive.
White Castle was calling loudly so we harkened and yielded, and were on our way home.
We burned wood all day while cleaning, organizing, and watching college basketball.

We went out for groceries and a warm omelet at Hamburg Coney and braced for the sub-zero temps that would come on Sunday. I plugged in our under-the-trailer-keep-the-pipes-unfrozen halogen lamp and we opened the sink valves regularly to encourage flow. We did lose the cold water in both bathrooms Sunday night but we cranked up the heat inside and now all is well. Moni's car wouldn't start yestreday either, but I bought some heavy duty booster cables which made a huge difference. Praise God we got The Grape running, and it started also this morning!
Moni is taking her mom to her rehab appointment downriver, and I am eating everything I can, on this, the mardi-ist of mardi gras'.

Thank You for this new day, Lord; thank You for the snow, and the warmer temps and for getting me to work to-day. All praise and glory to You, Lord! You are immortal, invisible, God only wise!
And we love You, too.

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