Saturday, April 27, 2013


thumb's up:
Happy Farms sliced Munster cheese from Aldi's
Anibel Sanchez
Planting the sprouted garlic cloves in the pot in the deck
saturday afternoon naps

Sunny and warm

Glory be! The birds have been singing since long before dawn and I must say I have enjoyed the chorus!
Early out to Kroger for meals for the week and just now the dishes are all done up. Big Puppie is on the lead relaxing in the shade, my Sweetie has gone with little sister to get her hair 'done' (just what that entails will ever remain a mystery to me) and I expect it will be a quiet morning.

I have been asked to prayerfully consider being on the team for LVCCM Men's #80; I must call the rector with my decision to-day - i have put it off for too long. Pretty excited about this also I am.

Dear LORD, all praise and honor and glory to YOU! 
Infinitely wise
Ever loving
Mighty beyond measure
All Things beautiful come from YOU!
Guide me, direct me, empower me with Your wisdom, Your Spirit.
Be blessed by my thoughts and actions to-day.
All praise and honor and glory to YOU!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Payday weekends are always fun...

...both our vehicles have gas, we are well stocked with provisions - dry goods, meat, and fresh produce, and rent is paid.
God is good; all the time!
I watched The Hobbit last night and am re-watching again before the Tiger game to-day. Dishes are done, oven is warming up for a new banana bread recipe i'm going to try.
We went to breakfast early this morning (chilly and drippy) and then a brisk walk around Target looking for good clearance deals while also killing time until Aldi's (our new favourite spot) opened. Then Oh-Oh-O-Reilies Auto Parts for the 3157 bulb for the Bull.
Moni is out running errands with her sisters, thank God she's got two who live nearby (one with a grand-baby just six months old!). Oven is up to temp and I will put together this bread...

These are Gundabad Wargs, they will outrun you.
~These are Rhosgobel rabbits, I'd like to see them try.

Ok, bread in the oven and is there some way to mix batter with a little shitty mixer without sending it out like shrapnel all over the kitchen? Holy mackeral - do I need a good mixer with a big hook that doesn't have it's slowest setting as 6000 rpm?!?

65 minutes later and the kitchen smells pretty good. Galdalf and the 13 are just now escaping from the Misty Mountain orcs and Bilbo (with his new ring) is contemplating the beheading of Smeagol-Gollum in an effort to get out of the same mountains. But!!! Happy music plays and Bilbo simply jumps over the creature and runs out, barely hearing the cries of "Theif! Bagginses! We hates it forever!"

Bread is cooling and frozen Aldi's pizza covered with fresh produce and mozzarella is in the oven putzing along at 350 degrees. Bilbo has just stepped between the large orc on his white warg and the wounded Thorin Oakenshield, proving his toughness (really for the first time). It wasn't like that in the book, but Jackson can mix it up a little - i told him so.

Upped the temp in our Whirlpool gas range to 400 and put some more cheese on the pizza. MLB is showing the Rays at Fenway, which I am sure will take me to Tiger time. If I feel antsy, The Snake Pit from 1948 with Olivia De Haviland about a mental institution starts at 3:30.

I like home whites for baseball teams. The Red Sox look good with their red accessories accenting the white. The Tigers look darn good with their blue accessories accenting the home white, if i do say so myself.

I hate the whites
~Nobody likes the whites but we're going to Cuba.