Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i think i really like Green Day

Best Ever

Album: Ghoti Hook's Sumo Surprise, 1996. Listen at slacker.com.
Absolutely great punk1-2 beat, harmonies, lyrics. Spiritual gold.

Hey presto!

 "tri" means "3" and "angle" means ... "angle!". That was our friend from Math's Mansion, an educational video discussing right-angled, scalene, and obtuse triangles...
Here at the crib on the eve of the first of our two days off due to student illnesses...what to do with all the time off?...? ... Mild and damp tonight and no stars to be seen..the Orionid meteor shower is set to go and i don't know if we'll be able to catch it ... BUT, my beloved landlord just brought me a plate of spaghetti which we teamed up on to create last night....mooooozerella on top and lots of garlic and tomatos and peppers from the garden ... yumm yumm yumm! This guy doesn't just cook, he CREATES! That's great it starts with an earthquake...the only, and i mean only way this could be better would be if it had mushrooms in it...Dodgers, Phillies, Halos Yankees...who cares?!? Tigers should be there and could have done something this time (bitter? maybe...) in the post-season. dammitall mediocre leading this mediocre division all season and letting somebody beat them out at the end team...
Survivor 19 is providing me with late-mid-week joy on thursdays...the arrogant cartoon character who thinks he's won it, the chunky older girl with the mullet who 'doesn't fit in' with her "90210" tribe-mates, the old guy with long hair who can make a fire when the 'leader' can't... i'm hooked though, and look forward to this week's episode.
Here's to-day's math's problem:
Give the domain over which 3x squared -12x + 5 is increasing.
Oh yeah.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

our nation turns its lonely eyes to you...
Well, Homecoming week is over (lost to Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart) and I can breathe again. Meetings every day and helping with the class of 2011 float (voted best, yet once again) made last week a hectic one. I'm not complaining though, better to have things to do than to not, as my gaffer used to say.
Big Ten football thoughts...The University of Michigan may well be asking for trouble by scheduling schools with less than one tenth of their enrollment in these contests. Why? it may be asked. Rabid maize and blue fanatics will retort with Why not? I liken it to why I don't arm wrestle with my students. If i win, i'm supposed to win, i weigh 260 pounds for crying out loud. But if I lose, i lost to a kid. If Michigan beats Toledo or Appalachian State or even Deleware State, they're supposed to. They still can maul each other in the endzone, pound their chests as gorillas do, the announcers can get crazy like it's the Rose Bowl, etc. But, and that's a big but - albeit an appropriate one - if they lose, wtf? Don't get it.
Spartan Nation enjoyed another Big 10 victory as MSU chalked up 24 unanswered points in their victory over Northwestern. Iowa is still undefeated and four teams are in the AP Top 25. Nice seeing Ohio State lose, wasn't it?

Detroit Lion thoughts...