Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On a Tear
Photo by USATSICharlie Blackmon and Whitmore Funk make it six in a row against Beats by JAYS
Beats by JAYS (5 - 10) showed off the form that earned them the worst record in the league going into this period. They could not make it much of a game, losing to Whitmore Funk (13 - 2) 440.5 to 348.5. Beats by JAYS have now failed to top their projections in any of the past four weeks.
The game leaves both these teams streaking in opposite directions. Whitmore Funk is raking the field with their competition, winning their 6th in a row. The defeat puts Beats by JAYS on a three game losing streak.
Charlie Blackmon has been the key player throughout Whitmore Funk's winning streak, and came through again this period. Blackmon joined up with Jose Quintana and Anthony Rendon to produce 166 points. Blackmon scored 61.5 points, which were the most that any center fielder has collected this season. It's another fine effort from Blackmon, who is currently the best center fielder in the league.
Although Coach David B. got the win, he cannot have been happy with Tyler Chatwood's performance this period. Chatwood failed to show up, scoring -12 points. Coach David B. found out why he was available on the waiver wire this period.
Meanwhile, Jon Gray stuck out as the worst performer for Beats by JAYS, scoring -3 points. That's the fewest points that he's scored so far this year. Adding to their problems, Beats by JAYS's left fielder, Corey Dickerson, was the worst at his position this period.
Coach Matthew's lineup decisions earned their team points last period, and did again this period. They went with Ian Kennedy over the higher ranked J.A. Happ.
This decision boosted Beats by JAYS's final score by 15.5 points. It also gave Coach Matthew their 2nd perfect lineup, which is more than any other coach.
Although Beats by JAYS lost this game, on the bright side, Whitmore Funk was the hardest test they will face for a while. Their next three games are against sub .500 teams, starting with Scherzer's Brown Eye next period. That contest will be a rematch from period nine, when Beats by JAYS lost 315 to 286.5.
Meanwhile, Whitmore Funk will collide with Damon horns next period. The game will be a clash of the titans, as those are the two top teams in the league.
Thank You, LORD, for the most beautiful morning - of all the mornings since Creation - ever!
Thank You for a wonderful evening with my sweetie - for good food, and good beer, and good company.
Thank You for the restful time we were able to share.

And thank You for this new day, with new blessing from You to behold, and new opportunities to love Your children.

Grant me a heart like Yours.

Fill me with Your good Spirit.


Monday, July 24, 2017

Cooler - thankfully, it is finally cooler with less humidity.

Blessed be God forever!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Springwells Township, 1900

In House #342:
Michael Wutke, the white male Head born in Sept 1850, aged 49 years and married since he was 22, born in Germany as were his parents, immigrated in 1882 - 18 years in the States - with Naturalization Papers working as a Laborer in the RR industry, living in a House and can read, write, and speak English.
Aussa Wutke, the white female Wife born in Dec 1856 aged 43 married since age 22 having bore 9 children, 8 of them living. Born in Michigan, parents from Germany, can read, write, and speak English. Naturalization Papers from immigration in 1882 - 18 years in the States.
Atilie Wutke, 19 yo single daughter b Mar 1881 in MI
Herman Wutke, 15 yo single son b Jan 1885 in MI
Edward Wutke, 12 yo single son b May 1888 in MI
Helena Wutke, 9 yo single daughter b Nov 1890 in MI
Emma Wutke, 7 yo single daughter b May 1893 in MI
Rosa Wutke, 4 yo single daughter b Sept 1895 in MI
William Wutke, 2 yo single son b Feb 1898 in MI

In House #344:
William Wotke, the white male Head born July 1846 aged 53 years married since 25, born in Germany as were his parents and naturalized with papers in 1883 - 17 years in the States - working as a Laborer in the Car Shop industry, could read but not write and could speak English, and owned his home free and clears.
Anna Wotke, the shite female Wife born Sept 1851 48 yo married since 25 bore 6 children four of them living from Germany as were parents, immigrated in 1883 - 17 years ago - could read, write, and speak English.
William Wotke, the whit emale 23 yo son born in Aug 1876 in Germany as were his parents, immigration status Al since 1883 employed as a Farm laborer and could read, write, and speak English.
Adolf Wotke, the white male 20 yo son laborer in the Car shop industry could read, write, and speak English, immigrated in 1883
Otto Wotke, Oct 1886 in MI
Herman Wotke, Feb 1891 in MI

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Thanking God right now for my mechanic neighbor Scott Willis and his FM.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Begonia Flowers


On The Deck Planter

Geranium Red



Cone Flower

Day Lily - Happy Returns


Dill Flowers The Bugs Love

The Cleome I Thought Was Cannabis

2nd of July

Praising God this day for the beautiful sunshine and the continued cool breeze coming in our west kitchen window!

I harvested some herbs this morning and have them tucked away in the closet in their individual brown paper bags. By football time (1 Sept 6:30 for EMU; 2 Sept: noon for SVSU and MSU, 3:30 for U-M, 5:15 for WMU; 31 Aug: 7 pm for GVSU ; 9 Sept 7 pm for NMU; 11 Sept noon for FSU.

Michigan starts with Florida, Cincinnati, and The Air Force Falcons at home, then open B1G play at Purdue before their buy. Then MSU, at IU and PSU, Rutgers, Minnesota at home, at Maryland and Wisconsin, then home for the finale against OSU. So Michigan plays all the East teams plus Wisconsin and Minnesota.

MSU hosts Bowling Green and WMU before the Buy, then Notre Dame and Iowa then to Ann Arbor and Minneapolis. IU, at Evanston, PSU, at Columbus, Maryland, at Rutgers. So State plays all the East teams plus Northwestern and Minnesota.

Ohio State, now, opens up on 31 August at Memorial Stadium In Bloomington. They host Oklahoma, the Army Black Knights, and the UNLV (Runnin') Rebels, go to Rutgers, host Maryland, then go to Nebraska before the Buy. They finish with PSU, at Iowa, MUS, Illinois, and at Michigan.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Muggy this morning but the fans and the breeze are working together well. Thankful for another gorgeous day in Paradise!

The pumpkins are beginning to flower already - these are the male flowers I have read, and are necessary for pollinating the females - which produce the fruit. The tomatoes all look good, as do the peppers, carrots, and cucumbers.
All our herbs are looking better than I could have imagined on the first of July. The fennel has fallen over with its own weight, the dill is starting to seed, and the Italian flat-leaf parsley is dark green and read to flavor our Alfredo.

I made some sausage/turkey spaghetti a couple days ago with dried oregano and basil from last years harvest. My first pickles of the season (bought the mini-cukes at Meijer) are way too salty, and I don't like using the dill fronds instead of seed. The crunch is good and the garlic/red pepper tang is a mini-fiesta in my mouth, but too salty. I've definitely done worse, but I want to perfect the recipe this year so I can distribute the product as gifts to family and friends.

My MLB fantasy team is 10-2 but losing by 50 going into the last two days of Week 13 (Go Sox, go Tribe!). My opponent week 14 has made about five or six drops and adds every day getting ready for next week. She has 12 pitchers going (most weeks most teams have between 5 and 8); so I shored up my lineup with a couple more 2-start pitchers (leaving Kenley Jansen in though - he's too good) so I've got 10 matching her 12. And may the best man win.

In the absence of six thousand satellite channels to choose from, I have been gleaning my national and local news from MLive, WeatherBug, and Twitter. ... :-/ (and also I have been watching Uncle Buck and Home Alone on videotape every night). I am disgusted when I see video of these Muslin fucks beating up random citizens on the streets. Actually, it angers me. I have to pray for a change of heart, because I would have God do things He doesn't normally do, as He is Love.

Forgive me, LORD.

Why does bourbon bubble up when I add soda?

Our Tigers have gone up 7-4 in the 7th.