Saturday, July 25, 2009


Drove out to Heavenly Scents gardens in Fenton with my beautiful bride and got a banana plant and toffee twist grass. Put a new bird feeder on a post near the beach grass; we've been enjoying hte birds feeding near the house (suirrels and chipmonks abound - mama kitty we miss you!! :-( and Tigers games (when they win). JV got the complete game in the second of two last night over the White Sox. To-day on Big Fox at 4:00 and tomorrow on ESPN at 8:30 and we're going to that one. Been feeling shitty...
Sunny and breezy now, rained drizzly earlier. I'm still not hte sudoku king, but i need a new book.
I cooked Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. Dave the main cook said I did good yestreday (no onions). Junior has become quite sociable and is growing out of his kid fears,. He still doesn't like Spartan cat food. Sierra is most lovable and a friend to all. Sluggish, not motivated, I feel like there's 300 pounds of lead duct taped to my middle...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This past week I have neglected my writings so I will make up a bunch here...
Worked Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night til close. I am getting more comfortable with the procedures and what goes where and with what on what kind of plate. Kiddie grilled cheese is just less fries. We've been working both our jobs with just one vehicle and although this is certainly a less convenient situation, it is by nomeans un-doable. Mary Ann is here sometimes and I enjoy the added company. We took Sierra for her summer groom which took tow and a half hours. She looks good, healthy, and well-kept.
I have been grabbing inexpensive office supplies with great joy in preparation for 09-10. End of month bills due soon.... what to do about the Ram... please LORD guide us.

Yestreday Kevin and the crew came out. Justen dragged a tree to the firepit and we had pizza. Everybody slept in (except sweetie, who had to work at 9, and has been calling here all day asking if I'd help her get through her work-day hangover); pass the coffee, please.

The week brought us the MLB All Star game from St. Louis on Tuesday. Granderson tripled, Inge struck out (what else?) and Jackson retired one innings worth of NL sluggers on four p;itches. Inge also hit Z?ERO homers in the home run derby for a sixth place finish.

I'm still reading Bryson and Mary Ann brought me a novel for a change of pace.

God bless us, every one.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Grillmaster D

The summer is officially rolling along here in midwest-northern-southeastern Michigan. There are plants to water and eggs to whip, weeds to whack and dogshit to clean up. Temps have been comfortable for the most part; we don't condition our air but we do move it around alot at night sometimes. I started a little summer gig a few hours a week at a greasy spoon where I am able to change my body aroma to that of slightly burnt oil. The Feed Bag in Fowlerville, MI.
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Bought myself a new T-Fal 10 inch frying pan to practice at home. Did a phenominal omelette this morning ("Western", according to our menu) if i do say so myself. Tough part is getting the temperature just right.

All Star week in baseball; our Brandon Inge is in the homerun derby tonight so we will watch it as well as the game tomorrow with 4 Tigers there. Edwin Jackson (miniscule ERA), Justin Verlander (leads univers in K's), Inge (hit homers 19 and 20 last night), and Curtis Granderson who albeit hitting in the low 200s makes alot of good plays while being a fan favorite. my library halfhour is over and i gotta go

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Jon and Jen showed up yestreday and we hung out with Kevin and Justen and the kids. Taking toots to work right now...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


got the job yestreay and I start to-day 1 - close,. Mary Ann had court this morning. Cooked chicken last night and built a box for my herbs this morning. Tigers won, Frensch? got his first victory.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Got through the extravaganza on Saturday - nice to see everybody. I was grillmaster. Sunday sweetie worked all day and i recovered. Monday yestreday I slept in and painted some laun funiture and got the garbage out. Tuesday to-day up early to Brighton for drive shaft u-joints and then a new transmission pan. Watered the flowers and can't decide how to pimp out my new herb garden. Sweetie worked 408 and the Tigers won.
Mary Ann is hanging out here, Stan's on the lake with his new girlfriend and I'm going to read some. Talking to resturant folks in Fowlerville about cooking job tomorrow at 10:00 am. clock set for 7.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yestreday cleaned out the garage and pitched much stuff. Summer stuff is ready to go and on the big shelf. Sweetie brought pizza home after work and I ate way too much. Fell asleep early but caught the replay from 4-6 am; got to see Rodney give up a two run shot in the 9th but hold the win for Gallaraga. Good for him.
What to do...