Friday, July 26, 2019

My devotional this morning asked me what I would do if I had a hundred sheep and lost one.

I began to think about one percent, one penny, one dollar, then a hundred dollars; but dollars are different than sheep.

If I had 100 sheep (or dogs, or lizards, or birds), the loss of even one (one percent) would be troubling. I think I would worry about its care, its safety, its health - and then search for it.

But that's not like dollars. If I only had one hundred pennies, and lost one, I would need to rethink my vocation and begin earning more. All the best to the person who found my penny, and all the more best to those too rich to even bend down to pick it up.

If I only had one hundred dollars, and lost one, I may just think it was meant to be and be at peace that our Lord let it be so that someone needier might have that dollar.

But sheep I would know by name, would I not? Would I not be responsible for their welfare?  How could I not go out and try to find the lost one?!?

Dear Lord~
Let me always be the one 
who seeks the lost.
By Your grace never let me avoid my responsibility,
even when I want to.
Strengthen me with Your good Spirit,
and remind me if You see me leaning toward negligence
of loving You
or loving my brother.
All praise and glory to You,
eternal Father!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Took a drive to Mason

...with the air condition blasting and our phones plugged in charging. Oh the heat was tremendous and we were alas without power at home.

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It was only 72 in the antique shop

The Ingham County Court House

Moni and her Jeep

Inside Kean's