Thursday, January 29, 2009


Updated and quite nice collection of local information...

Wednesday Night Meetings

My wife and I were approached by a man passing out Watchtower literature in the summer of 08 and I invited him to the house for discussion. We met several times throughout that summer, sitting on the porch drinking coffee and enjoying God's creation. He told me about unbiblical ideas like the trinity and "hellfire" and, enjoying the company as much as the discourse, I listened. He said he was part of a wonderful organization of people that didn't go to war and looked forward to spending eternity inhabiting a new earth he likened to Paradise.

When I moved up north in September, I had the pleasure of meeting like-minded folks who were nice, dressed well, and also provided me with Watchtower literature. So much to read!! I read about happy people (with pictures of people smiling while eating noodle salad at picnics) and I read about sad people (the pictures here were of people engaging in all manner of heinous activities: wearing bandanas around their heads holding knives, wearing a dress while sitting at a bar, showing up to work late, ...) and how you could choose to be one or the other. See, the happy people were 'true followers' of Jehovahgod, they were making choices that were pleasing to Jehovahgod and reaping the benefits of those choices. The sad folk were making choices that were not pleasing to Jehovahgod. They used the word pagan several times when referring to folks who weren't true followers of Jehovahgod. I now know that Augustine, Benedict, Cyril of Alexandria, David, Eucherius, Felicity, Gregory (the Great), Hedwig, Ignatius, John Chrysostam, Kateri Tekakwith, Linus, and all of humanity outside of their organization are pagans. Me too, although not labeled thusly directly as such called.
Well, now I know. And we continue to get together on Wednesday evenings in good faith, each hoping and praying that the other will come to know the truth...

Love Song

I've heard it said that a man would climb a mountain
Just to be with the one he loves
How many times has he broken that promise
It has never been done

I've never climbed the highest mountain
But I walked the hill of Calvary
Just to be with you I'd do anything
There's no price I would not pay
Just to be with you I'd give anything
I would give my life away

I've heard it said that a man would swim the ocean
Just to be with the one he loves
But all those dreams are an empty emotion
It can never be done

I never swam the deepest ocean
But I walked upon the raging sea
Just to be with you I'd do anything
There's no price I would not pay
Just to be with you I'd give anything
I would give my life away

I know that you don't understand the fullness of my love
How I died upon the cross for your sins
And I know that you don't realize how much I gave you
But I promise I would do it all again

Just to be with you I've done everything
There's no price I did not pay
Just to be with you I gave everything
Yes I gave my life away

not mine; this song is sung by Mac Powell of Third Day, a rocknroll band from Georgia

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's happening here?

To: Fredegar Bolger
From: Witch-king of Angmar
RE: The Old Forest v. staying at Crickhollow
Date: T. A. 3018
Dude, you shoulda gone with'm...
I think this photo is no longer available; i forget where I got it...


After being developed professionallyto the fullest both on Friday last and Monday (yestreday), I have decided to incorporate writing into my studies more here in room 346. I am in the process of creating a weblog for my students to be used both as a forum for discussion and also as an opportunity for closure and for processing classroom lessons. May our LORD and Saviour Christ Jesus help me in this endeavour; my our Heavenly Father be blessed by my work with these kids.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Les Mis Link of the Day

6 months removed

26 January, 2009, and i've um...been away from my... for a while, yeah, that's it. The snow has been piling up since November here in northern lower Michigan and the temps aren't encouraging anything else.

Bundling up, snuggling with my girlfriend (as opportunity allows), lighting and stoking fires, Jehovah Witness meetings, Portagers beating the undefeated Baldwin, the Ram bouncing all over highway 115, enough professional development to keep me developed professionally for years to come, shitty 8th grade final exam scores, gaining winter weight (really need those long walks on the beach), new glasses (biFUNKINfocals, thank you very much), and new Goodwill shoes.