Friday, April 30, 2010

Warm and sunny...

Praise God for His goodness!!
Praise Him for His purpose and plan!!

Tigers won with the Dtrain last night. Took the series from the Twins and the Twins had'nt lost a series all year yet. Yes.

Our boys lost a heartbreaker, the Ace was cruising with a 1-0 lead all game, then gave up two unearned runs and the lead. Top of the last inning we push across one to tie but then after one on and one out, a kid rips one down the left field line and over the fence. (now, if you're scoring that, the batter gets two rbi, even though they only needed one to win. he also gets a run scored, even though they didn't need that to win.)

Professional development day, once again; this time the entire county's teachers are gathered here in Onekama which is nice because i can find an out of the way computer to weblog on. I can also play around with google apps, the wave of the future for document and communication here in the district. K, did some of

Glorious day outside

Monday, April 26, 2010


The boys took two this afternoon from a middle school team down in Walkerville...we scored 35 runs in the first 3-inning mercy rule shortened game and then 20 as the home team and only batting twice in the nightcap. Our girls won their first games of the season by mercying twice also.
Also...the tigers split their series with the Rangers by winning tonight 8-6. Brandon Inge finally put one over the fence and Coke got the win. Brandon put another one over in the ninth and the tigs were 5-6 on that nasty road trip out west.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Principio

Et creavit Deus hominem ad imaginem suam : ad imaginem Dei creavit illum, masculum et feminam creavit eos.

10-9 ... 5-5

Yet another fabulous weekend comes to a close...thoughts regarding Monday morning which is so fastly approaching: I gotta do some things, some things are optional.
Get up
Shave, shower, get dressed
Pack all that baseball crap in my bag
Correct papers, get a test ready for 5th hour
Get a lesson ready for pre-calculus (complex solutions of polynomial functions)
Get a test ready for 3rd hour
Probability in 6th hour
7hour i don't get to see becuase of baseball, givem a worksheet ro something
Job list for seventh hour - bless their hearts they clean the boards, erasers, pencil sharpeners, and put the chairs up.
Leave school early which i absolutely hate doing to be statboy for the baseball team...
2 hour bus ride, 4 hours of baseball, 2 hour busride, stumble into truck, drive home, stumble out of truck, stumble across driveway through front door, peel off uniform, fall into bed.
Boys lost two in a double header at Wuerful Park on Saturday...just got a few details as i wasn't there...
Tigers lost to Texas this afternoon. Porcello got rocked ... dunno ... bullpen has  been stellar but the starters ......
Above right: Augustine, 13 November 354 - 28 August 430

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life's Good!!

Sunny and warm (in the sun) making for a great evening in northern lower Michigan. Wings are trying to even up their first round series agains Phoenix and the Tigers play later on the west coast.
Thank you, Father, for a good day. Thank you for the kids you've entrusted me with. Thank you for the ways they teach me, and for the ways you teach me.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Split another double-header this afternoon, this time we traveled about a zillion miles south to a larger school on the west coast of this great State. We were up in the first one 4-0 (scoreboard said 5-0 so i checked with the home scorer and she said one of our guys who had got thrown out at the plate scored ... i only argued a little and then was like 'yeah whatever') and then got lax and gave up several runs we shouldn't have and lost 10-7 (which was really 10-6). Our ace started the second game giving up one hit and one walk and one ground-out and striking out the rest in three innings whilst we scored 11 (really) in the first and 4 more in the 4th...they got three off our reliver/outfielder/infeilder/all around nice guy in the final two innings so it ended after 5 with a 15-3 mercy rulle win. We could easisly be 5-1 with only the 9 to 1 spaniking our only real good defeat but oh well. Two more days of practice this week and a home stand thursday against a conference foe from the south. These long bus-rides home on school nites are made even longer by the now-familiar stops at mcdonalds. coaches eat free and i am soooo taking the point of gluttony. 'oh, and a 9 piece, ... and a cheeseburger, ... and a mcflurry... ... omg... felt sick and tired the whole way home but i deserved it.
Father, forgive my gluttony. Help me to satisfy myself with You and not food. In Jesus' name.
Good night, my sweet Monica; I miss you.


Tigers won yestreday afternonn 4-2 on the west coast to slavage one game out of the series. Sherzer got the win, Valverde the save, and Miggy celebrated his 27th birthday with a 3-run dinger.
Another great weekend comes to a close...sunday it tried to get sunny later in the afternoon; i think it may have gotten up to 60...should be sunny and at least that warm this week - can't complain!! saw the typo above, yes, ...kinda like that new word and i'm just gonna leave it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


You'd think the combination of Verlander and Zoomzoom would be enough to quiet the bats of any MLB team...JV got the loss and Tiger bats only pushed across 2 runs in Seattle tonight: Maglio's 4th homer (solo shot) and a pinch-hit RBI single by Damon. Come-backs are exciting but they're the exception, not the rule. If they're 6-5 on the season, it'll be something like 86-76 which probably won't win the division. Like to see more spark out of the entire line-up top to bottom. Lot's of guys stranded again tonight, it seemed.
Oh well.
Life's good.
Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, His mercy endures forever!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Our boys faced the number 1 ranked team in the State in Division IV this afternoon. We lost 9-1 in the first game against their ace, the coaches son, who worked the gasoline with a nasty curve and changepiece. Our lone run came on a homer that got up in the wind, the first of this senior's career. Some parents grilled hot dogs for the team between games and we all got some water, ready to come out swinging.
As soon as it started, we were down 8-0, but we were having fun. In the fourth, we scored six to make it respectable. Then in their fifth, they scored another five to make it 13-6; the score when we came up to bat in the bottom of the last inning. Top of the order. At least three hit batsmen, a few hits, some good baserunning (as well as good fortune) and we were narrowing the gap. Scored four with the bases loaded and two outs. Leadoff guy again and he lines one at the third baseman above his head. Just gets the glove on it and it bounds up and over his head, rolling harmlessly into the outfield. A bases-loaded walk makes it a one-run game, another single ties it and we've got the clean-up hitter who's already 3/4 with four RBI. First pitch he drills up the middle between the infielders, the winning run scores, and pandemonium breaks loose.
The clipboard I had thrown in a toddler fit when we botched a pickle two days ago again went sailing, this time straight up into the air. Life's good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Tigers scored 6 runs in the seventh inning this afternoon to come back once again this summer and beat the lowly Royals 6-5. Zoomzoom got the win (2-0) and Valverde got his first save.

Hey, at least I'm housebroken.

Our boys played in Lake City tonight and split the doubleheader. 5-3 loss and then a 19-2 mercy. Some highlights and some lowlights but everybody got to play and overall, we looked pretty good.

Forgive me, Father, when i'm so quick to be reactive toward circumstances.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Tigers lost to KC at home this afternoon; they made four errors and Sherzer got the loss. Watching GI Jane before my long spring nap. Tough practice to-day; we've got our first double header tomorrow...geared up with our hats, belts, and socks :-) and we're ready.

Thank you God for another day at work with all of your children. Help me tomorrow to reflect your love, help me to love each as you love them. And thank you for loving me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Another great weekend is over and i'm ready to hit the hay. Yardwork, grilling, eating, shopping, and driving have all combined to make me tired. Got alot done at the lakehouse and still had time to catch the Tigers three victories in a row over the Indians. Tigers stranded 18 - that's the most in a win since 1920. Miggy got on base six times - that's the most in his career. 9 runs without a triple or homerun must be some kind of record. 5 hour game; Cleveland pitching gave up at least 10 walks. JV got hammered for 5 runs in the first but we've learnt to stay tuned because sometimes it's not how you start, but how you finish. Damon pinchhit for Laird in the 9th (who has just gotten his first hit of the year) and walked on four strait to force the tying run in. The first pitch to Sizemore was in the dirt and got all the way to the backstop allowing Guillen to score from 3rd and it was over. Needless to say, the crowd went wild (as did we in Lakeland who concern ourselves with such things...).

Brother in Illinoiz, I love you. Keep being your kids' daddy.

Tigs in first a half game in front of Minnesota. Keep sweeping lousy teams, Jim, keep managing with your gut.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yeah, life's good yo...listening to these old Various Artist christian stuff i got from who knows where...some hiphop, some eminem sounding, some stevie nix sounding, some five iron frenzy sounding (wait, i think it was FiF :-) them some jars of clay flood!...tried to get the old dinosaur ibm desktop connected in to the wireless but it wasn't havin it. either my skills are lacking (extremely probable) or this machine is not wireless capable. Don't know enough about it, dude. I'm the dude, man...

Tigers came on strong late and won. Middle of the order cranked again, Miggy jacked his second, Willis looked strong and Laird tried to get on with a bunt! Yeah, this is gonna be a fun summer! Mags ripped one, too. Pitching hasn't been perfect but they need to know they don't need to be! Perry shaky at first but settled in. Valverde gave up the tying and winning runs last night but Skip used him tonight to close out the ninth (not a save opportunity). Leeland on the KC series: "Every player got to start, every pitcher got to pitch, … we’re alright." Love him.

Love you mom and dad. Thanks for teaching me what you did: to love the LORD, to appreciate His creation, to smile, to be nice. Thanks for loving me.

Sent letters to legislators to-day regarding the state of Education in Michigan. Can't hurt. The Dude abides, man. Jennifer, too. God will provide!

Got some 90's contemporary Christian mix going now: Hands In The Air by The Waiting...beautifully crafted lyrics, smooth acoustics building to chorus with distortion, crisp harmonies...then Grammartrain doing Jonah...upbeat but repetitive lyrics.

Snow covers the deck, lawn, and vehicles but about half of the sky is crystal clear and starry. The Waiting with Number 9... great tune. Can't count on my fingers I got more sense than that...Considering Lily, the sisters from Australia: Pikes Peak. Supertones: Resolution...great bass line and horn leads. Love that little ska rythm guitar...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where are you going Henny Penney, Goosy Luce, Chicken Licken, ...?

Foxy Loxy follow us! We're off to tell the king the sky is falling!

From the front porch of my rental I type, enamoured with the rain and seasonal temps (almost 50 degrees cooler than a week ago!), cautiouly optimistic about my job status for next year, getting over not winning the Biggest Loser contest at work (by a slim .2 of a percent!). Mama Kitty (her title, not her name, which escapes me most of the time) is trying to walk on the keyboard, then on my back, then between me and my smoking marlboro in the ashtray ( a defininte no-no), while thoughts come and go faster than I can keep up with my fingers...

I have the most precious group of seniors in a pre-calculus class right before lunch. They are all gifted in various ways: Kelvin is the male thinker of the group - his 'what-ifs' transfer from the math's at hand to every possible tangent. Ashleigh is an artist and prefers sketching to doing math's but she will work hard, examine book examples for help, and ask pertinant relevant questions. Kay-Lani-Lani-Luau is the female thinker in the group - athletic, very artistic, self-driven (almost to the point of obsessiveness), and very excited about being accepted to the large local State university. Jack could be an academic all-star but is quite lazy - he'll do what is necessary to get by and little else - but he's quite personable and laughs at everyone's jokes. Kitty is diminuitive in stature but large in spunk: none of us would mess with her or cheat on her in poker. She tries to do the work but her requisite skills are lacking and she struggles to keep a C average. Dantonio is a movie line waiting to happen; he shows moments of math'l brilliance but is occupied with running, senior t-shirts, and Kembo Slice. Betsie is a worrier; her doodling and lack of input during discussions belies her interest and apptidude in math's...she can do well and often does.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tuesday back to work and why am i so tired?..?..?..

omg got up at 4:30 this am and just had to get to work..and now at 3:30 i am indeed truly tired...had a week off and slept in no lie every day til about 11 except one day it was like 7:30 and the sun was coming up and it was warm and it was nice and very nice yes...
A cold wind flowed down behind them, as they turned their backs on the Redhorn Gate, and stumbled wearily down the slope. Caradhras had defeated them.

Life's good    8 P

Monday, April 5, 2010

In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit...

Across the road there lied a fortress, and within that fortress was hidden information the robot required to achieve subatronic distillation of subatomic particles as it relates to metacognational negation and our nation's finite resources. Therefore the robot had to cross the road to stop the oil crisis and save the Earth and humanity.
Thanks, K_Buck :-)

Joy, period

Back up north and it's sunny here too! Opening Day for the Tigers to-day; ours is this Thursday!
Joy in the journey, this is my Father's world...
More of you, LORD

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Joy in the journey...

Had to say no to cursillo team and am filled with sorrow. Not my will, but yours...

Sunny, breezy, and mild temps for the rest of this week and that is nice...been outside doing yardwork and that is nice, too. So much to be thankful for, forgive my selfeshness, Father.

Library smells like chocolate...why?

Job, job, job, job, ????!?!?!?!?!