Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TLH #185 Jesus, All Our Ransom Paid

1. Jesus, all our ransom paid,
All Thy Father's will obeyed,
By Thy sufferings perfect made:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

2. Save us in our soul's distress,
Be our Help to cheer and bless
While we grow in holiness:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

3. Brighten all our heavenward way
With an ever holier ray
Till we pass to perfect day:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

"The Seven Words on the Cross"
by Thomas B. Pollock, 1836-1896

The Lutheran Hymnal
Hymn #185
Text:John 19:30
Author: Thomas B. Pollock, 1870
Composer: Bernhard Schumacher, 1939
Tune: "Septem Verba" meter, in the key of d minor; Hear us, holy Jesus!

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