Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank You, Father in Heaven, for the food and water You provide for us. Thank You for a fire in the fireplace and shelter from the cold winds.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Game 4

Inning the First1
Pagan K
Scutaro FO
Pablo K

Jackson  some sort of out
Berry GO
Miggy BB
Fielder K

Inning the Second2
Posey K
Pence 2B
Belt 3B Pence scored
Blanco 4-3 Belt to third
Theriot FO9

Delmon Single up the middle
Andy FO8
Jhonny out
Omar groundout

Inning the Third3

Crawford I1B
Pagan FO9
Scutaro FO8
Pablo 1B, crawford to third
Posey FO8

G-Money some sort of out
Ajax BB
Berry sac bunt pablo great play to get the batter
Miggy "...and he's gonna run out of room!"
Fielder 6-3

Inning the Fourth4
Pence out
Belt four pitch walk
Blanco strike em out, throw em out double play

Delmon out
Andy out
Jhonny K

Inning the Fifth5
Therio out
Crawford out
Pagan 4-3 (thanks baby, for that one)

Omar bloop single
Gmoney bunt pop up
Ajax FO8
Berry 1-6-3 out with a head-first dive

Inning the Sixth6
Scutaro E-5
Pablo K
Posey 2 run homer 3-2 Giants
Pence K
Belt FO7

Miggy K
Fielder little fucking stupid ass popout
Delmon Homer to right
Dirks single
Jhonny long fly ball to left almost at the fence (3-3)

Inning the Seventh7
Blanco single to right
Therio ground out, Blanco to 2nd
pitching change: Smyly
Crawford FO8
pitching change: Dotel
Pagan 4-3 (3-3)

Omar 6-3
G-money Popped up to first
Ajax shitty atbat strike out

Inning the Eighth8
Dotel walks Scutaro on four straight pitches
Pablo 3 ua. Scutaro out 3-6-1. Two out.
Posey K!!

Pitcher for SanFran Jeremy Affeldt causing
pinch hitter Avisail Garcia: BB
Miggy K
Prince K
Delmon  K

Inning the ninth9
coke pitching...
pence CK
belt  K
blanco k

Dirks K
Jhonny FO8
new pitcher
Omar hit on the hand by Cassila asswipe; Worth takes first
G-Money ground out

Inning the tenth10
Theriot single to right
Crawford sac bunt, Theriot to second
Pagan K

I think it's beyond our control...

We've tried it all... new gray Tiger shirt, old blue Tiger hat, score the game, add to the kitchen Tigers shrine, old blue sleeveless Tiger shirt, watch the pregame, don't watch the pregame, yell at the tv, don't yell at the tv, beads, no beads, plug in the orange Tiger lights, leave them unplugged...I even ask God to help them win.

Bottom line is, the offense has been on a union break, and they need to punch back in.

Above the gas range, our Tiger shrine

Friday, October 26, 2012


worked late and brought home Guidos pizza and their famous GuidoBread with that unbelievable cheese dipping sauce omg. sweetie and i watched the video of my mom and dads 50th anniversary shindig...another omg.
I made a fire to warm us up and now i'm listening to les mis and she's watching tv. i'm going to attempt for the third time tonight a 2 suit spider solitair game.
I will win it: third time pays for all, as my old gaffer used to say.
Pizza and GuidoBread after work: $21.49
Getting my wife's PT Cruiser out of the shop: $348.90
Spending a Friday night with her, Sierra the Malamute, and Otis the Quat: priceless

Sweetie says no doubters in the house tomorrow night; only the faithful will be allowed here to cheer on the boys of summer. i am not too optimistic about this endeavour.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn Blessings!!

Glorious day to-day; sunshine, leaves falling and blowing around, near 80 degrees, the smells of the leaves blowing and the leaves burning are everywhere, Glory to God!

I have an abscess and it hurts. I went to have an orthodontics guy clean it out to-day and he filled it with some medicine and i get to back to see him next month.

5:00 and I just woke up from my nap and it's still beautiful out!! My sweetie is cutting the grass and the Quat is watching diligently. Sierra the Malamute is lying somewhere comfortably, and I hope the Tigers are taking their vitamins. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

American League Champs!!

The Tigers beat the Yankees in the ALCS and await the Giants/Cards winner to compete to be MLB Champs.

Are you my kitty? It certainly appears so.

Cool here in Whitmore Lake and rain rain rain ... all the moisture we would have liked to have had in the summer is appearing now it appears.

In the fourth game, their ass goes down.

Doing a pork loin to-day, MSU @ U-M and this is the year that MSU can mess up Nard-dog's decent season so far...

Tons more pictures of the clinching night at, thanks!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Game 3 American League Pennant

My sweetie and I both worked til 3 and rushed home in anticipation. I had found online the place we were going for dinner before the game, and all the reviews said 'get there early'. We fed the dog and let her out, i reminded the Quat to be good; we grabbed an extra long-sleeved shirt and away we sped. There were very few tables with people when we strolled eagerly into Nemos in Corktown. Sports Illustrated had recently named this establishment one of the three top sports bars in the US of A.Not for its food, I can tell you (the burger wasn't bad, it was just the only thing seriously on the menu!), nor for the promptness of the shuttle bus that takes you to and from the game, but for the antiquity of the building and the Detroit sports stories that cover the walls.
We enjoyed conversation with people from all over as the restaurant and tables outside filled up. Busses not unlike the one below, one at a time, filled up with revellers and left, replaced by ones of similar kind and likeness.

We toasted the Tiger's fortune one more time and hopped aboard a bus parked in front on bricked Michigan Avenue that looked not a bit different from the one above and made our way to the park The driver let us off right at Gate B and we were in a festive mood so we walked over to the huge parking lot turned into pre-game party just east of Chelli's Chili bar. We hung out there for a while, listening to the music by some dj right there live and loud and then headed into the park. I tried to give the guy the wrong tickets (whiched caused a bit of stress for us during the Anthem and introductions) but we finally ended up at the highest top of the stadium you could be in, foul territory, right field.
We decided after about 2 innings to take our chances in lower level land and walked miles trying to find a standing room spot where we could actually see the game. We ended up in bleacher land for an inning or two until i got hungry so we went clockwise (our favourite direction) towards first base. Stopped where we could see a little bit of the batting area and infield....right behind the terrace seats behind first base. It was convenient there for several reasons. One, we weren't up in the stratosphere. B, we were within sight of restrooms, pizza, kick ass Italian sausages with mucho aroma, and miller lite vendors. Plus, we were immediately next to a portable refrigerator holding Leinenkugel kegs which served as a table for me to lay my score book on. Plus, plus, the vendors on both sides of us (Leinenkugel and Tiger Gear) were the nicest folks you could ever want to share a Game 3 with.
JV pitched into the 8th, and was relieved due to pitch count, not circumstance. He was not getting the strike calls that he enjoyed in the Oakland series. In fact, he threw 18 pitches in 3 ball counts and did not walk a batter. That set some sort of record or other.

From Elias: Miguel Cabrera has at least one hit in each of his 16 career League Championship Series games, moving out of a tie with Pete Rose (1973-1983) and Manny Ramirez (2003-2007) for the longest hitting streak in LCS history.

Anyways, Phil Coke pulled off the two-inning save, and not one person left that park until the final out in the 9th. Great fans Detroiters are.Everyone was waving the white towels...not in submission mind you, but in revellry...which is where we started this shindig.
Our bus back to Nemos took forever to arrive and I suppose if we would have not been NemoVirgins, we might have enjoyed being downtown enjoying the revelry. We finally loaded and got back to Corktown. We made a final visit inside before piling into the Grape and heading home: Michigan Ave west, right on Rosa Parks, left on I-75 (south) and a quick right onto I-96 (west). 

It was a great outing with my sweetie, and one of the best birthday celebrations i can remember.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Cold and drizzly here in Whitmore Lake but it's a beautiful Saturday because
i) God loves me infinitely more than I could ever love myself
ii) I am home with my sweetie and Sierra the Malamute and Otis the Quat
iii) I don't have to drive up north for work tomorrow
iv) The Tigers start their alcs in new york tonight, and we're going to the first home game on tuesday
v) I don't have to drive up north tomorrow
vi) We are blessed with a home, food, water, a toilet and shower, gas for heat and electricity for light
vii) TCM is on as I put together some white chicken chili

Sunday, October 7, 2012

50th Celebration, part 2

Our Heavenly Father blessed this day for so many of wonderful to see nieces and nephews, cousins, 2nd cousins, distant relatives and friends of mom and dad whom I hadn't seen in years. Music and comments/memories provided by the grand-kids, home-cooked thanksgiving dinner for all, many tears and much laughter.
I was the after-dinner emcee and if i would have had Tolkien's 'I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.' down, I would have used it. As it was, my little brother gave an absolutely professional, prayerful history of the family entitled 'God Knew'. (As it becomes available, I will reprint [with permission, of course] in this forum).

Thank you, Father, for my family - far from perfect and even contentious at times -  and for the time that You've given us together here, this side of eternity. 


Saturday, October 6, 2012

The 50th Celebration

So for mom and dads 50 anniversary party (which mom has decided will be a Thanksgiving feast for 80 of their closest friends and family), i asked if i could make the cranberry sauce. Turkey, stuffing, etc had already been doled out by the time i volunteered so I jumped on this opportunity.
I found what I thought was a good recipe, and then multiplied it (NOT 'timesd it') by 8. Here it is, in its entirety.

12 oz cranberries
3/4 cup orange juice
2/3 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup sugar
2 oz gold rum (optional)

SO, i adapted a bit off of this. I used the juice and zest of one orange instead of the 3/4 cup of juice. Then i added a pinch of nutmeg, a pinch of cinnamon, and the juice and zest of one half of a lime for each four-ple of the recipe. (I made two batches, each with 4 times each of the above amounts.)
I added about an ounce of spiced rum to the second batch.
The flavors are incredible as it is cooking...

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October!!!

My wife asks me questions like 'can i give the dog some cheese?'. I say, no don't give her my precious cheese, give her some damn rice from the Chinese carry out from three nights ago that no one's going to eat anyway. She gives the dog cheese anyways.
Are these types of questions rhetorical? Am thinking so.

The Livingston Argus took more money out of our checking account to-day. This event was not unlike my wife's question and answer debacle: 'can i take money out of your checking account without your authorization?' No. And it's gone. So I angrily called tonight to give them a piece of my mind and (as God would have it) there was no one there to bitch at. So I will call tomorrow, when I'm in a better humour.

Go Tigers!!!