Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This Sunday is World Marriage Day

More information on World Marriage Day 

The weather event - affectionately named Linus - which moved through the lower Great Lakes over the weekend brought, for metro Detroit, the third highest snowfall total of any storm EVER (since we started recording diligently such things, about 150 years ago).
Funny, the largest total was in late 19th century, and the second largest was when I was about ten years old. I remember snow being piled high on our lawn in Detroit as a child. But I don't remember it being dumped on us by Charlie Brown or Lucy.

The sports blogs yestreday were all about two things: the Brady/Belichick dynasty emerging in the NFL, along with stats, records, and opinions thereof; and the college phenom qb turned Brown rookie near fail who entered treatment.
We are surely hurting for heroes.

Grandma Moni is flying out west to see the babies tomorrow for a week. She promised to text me photos many and often!

Liam with Grandma Moni, from last September
There's our tiger and good witch with Grandma, last Halloween

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