Saturday, January 10, 2015

Super Saturday!!

Well, the battery I bought for Monica's PT Cruiser not even a year ago ( see for a reminder of what was going on) was not meeting our expectations and so we removed it from the Grape and took it to Walmart for an exchange. Moni spent a couple of hours last night finding the receipt so this transaction was seemless. I got the new one in, started her car, and she is off running errands with her sister.

I also needed insulin this morning from Walmart, and I was looking for a halogen light for under the trailer to thaw the water supply (all cold water was frozen by now, all the hot valves still produce). So on the way out there we stopped for a meat-lovers omelet at Sunrise restaurant right there where Chilson hits Grand River. Texas toast with real butter and an average cup of coffee rounded out our quick meal there.

A hop, skip, and a jump down the road and we were at Wally World. I did remember suet for the birds this time, and I placed one more station feeder in the dappled willows for up-close and personal  chickadee encounter.

It is a walloping 19 degrees on our deck right now and the wind makes it feel like cold-as-hell.

I am going to check the heat lamp for any fires it may have caused and then relax with some college basketball.

Blessed be God forever!

5:41 pm update: the lamp has been on continuously. Main bathroom all water working (toilet included;-) and kitchen is fully functional. Now we just need the laundry and back bathroom cold.


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