Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

Another chilly morning and I hate seeing children standing abandoned waiting for the large yellow diesel-powered conveyer in these temps. Five degrees right now in Brighton with not much wind, but still, those babies need to be driven to their places of indoctrination (or better yet, walk from their bedroom to their classroom at home!).
We lost the cold water to our shower over night but I'm hoping that by keeping it little warmer during the day to-day, it will redeem itself. We had a fire going for about six hours last night and, as such, the thermostat did not trigger the furnace. The problem is, the fireplace is toward the front of the home and that back corner (the northeast corner, where much cold air blows from!) wasn't properly heated.
Our Spartans handed it to IU last night at home and they have not looked that good this year at all.

Courtney and Brett M, our Spartan niece and nephew, at the MSU game last night

Indiana is not in the top 25 (although they did receive several votes this week) but they have looked impressive at times while going 9-3 before last night. They lost big to #4 Louisville and a close one to Eastern Washington (the Eagles; Colin Cowherd went there ffs) in November. Gavin Schilling (10 points, 9 boards) played big and keeps looking better as the season progresses. BJ Dawson (7 rebounds, averaging 8.7 per game) is looking like the Spartan version of Big Ben Wallace - tremendously athletic and a rebounding fool.
I think Guido's tonight, due to the sick coupon that just came to my inbox.
Combined with my bride last night to create a beef stew that tasted pretty darn good. We baked bread also; those smells along with the fire created an pleasant assault on my olfactory nerves. We did dishes together. I ate well.

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