Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thumpin' Thursday

The temps have been below freezing for five straight days and our back bathroom cold water line has frozen and our clothes washer lines (both hot and cold) are frozen. Thankfully, our kitchen sink and main bathroom are fully functioning. 2 degrees on our deck right now at 1440 hours and , according to, highs will not go into the 20’s for another three days, nor into the 30s for another ten days. Wow!

A year ago, we had four days in a row (6-9 January) of lows at or below 16 below, AND we were buried under God know how much snow! Thankfully (again), we only have about two inches on the ground now, and the main roads are dry, dry, dry!

Due to the plague I am currently embracing, I’m swallowing my second dosage of a pair of Vicks Day-Quill Severe Cold & Flu Non-Drowsy Max Strength caplets. I am only able to get these Mr. Ed-sized pills down with a big swig of my third dosage of Lauder’s Blended Scotch Whiskey and a ginger ale chaser.

Apparently oblivious to the frigidity of the out-of-doors are the birds who avail themselves of  the suet and seed provide outside our home. I did see the largest bird on the planet yesterday – but only for a half-second and could not determine its name or identification. And um I wasn’t fast enough on the shutter to get a photo either.

The small birds are plump this winter in Whitmore

I watched Taken and Taken 2 back to back last night. Taken 2 was refreshing after the arrogance and ignorance of Mills' daughter and ex-wife in the original. The commercial cable network I watched these on did not permit me to ascertain how Marco from Tripoja’s dad died; Mills kind of pushed him into his chair at the end and he just ended up staring straight ahead (as if he loathed that chair and was holding his breath until he could remove himself from it).Ah yes, I will just have to rent it.

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