Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Fun

Colder these last couple days and we're supposed to get some snow Saturday night through Sunday night. The sun has been shining all day on this laid back Friday and I am thankful for that; it warms my soul I think.

LVCCM Women's #83 is this weekend, right about now they're listening to the fourth talk of the day I would imagine.

Thankful it's Friday and I don't have to get up early tomorrow. The fun thing is that I will because it's my time and not time I'm trading  hours for dollars. Yippeeee! Up early for a walk, and then make some beer cheese soup (with bacon and cream cheese - Oh, be still my warmed up heart). 

Made a quick Aldi's run just a bit ago and I am thankful for that chain in our town. Pint of grape tomatoes for $.69, 8 oz mushrooms for $89, 2 L Diet Coke for $.99, (almost) half gallon of Moose Tracks for $2.69, etc. 

I started a new MLB Fantasy League for us novices who don't like whining or complaining. Looking forward to another season of that! I am Major West.

Father, thank You for bringing us through another week to the weekend. Guide my thoughts and decisions so that I would make good use of the time You have given me here on earth. Bless our families with rest and peace, and be especially with Nancy, Dean, and Meghan.

Thank You for Your love.

Thank You for Your amazing grace.


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