Sunday, January 18, 2015

Recipe # 6 Sausage and Egg Tater Tot Brunch Bake

Blame this one on @RachaelRay; I was watching her week in a day show this morning and started getting all manner of ideas in my mind.

Thanks to Lee Fogle for the sausage recipe.

Before I built the cassarole, I had to 'make' the sausage.

1# ground pork
2 tsp dried sage
Tsp salt
Tsp ground white pepper
¼ tsp marjoram
1 tbs brown sugar
1/8 tsp dried red pepper flakes
Pinch ground cloves

Combine seasoning in small bowl; mix well.

Add to pork in a large bowl and mix thoroughly with hands.

Make into patties or whatever shape you feel good about. Cook until pork is not pink at all.

THEN, for the bake:

About 20 tater tots
14 oz Velveeta, cut into slices
8 eggs, beaten
1# sausage

Spray the pan inside with cooking oil. Line bottom of your favorite baking pan with the tater tots. I actually used the Burger King sized tots (on sale from Kroger). Add the cooked sausage on top of the potatoes. Layer the Velveeta over that.

 Pour the scrambled eggs over all and bake at 350 degrees for an hour.

Enjoy with a buttered bagel and a tall diet Mountain Dew.

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