Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Well, we got a dumping of powdery dry snow on the First; and this past Sunday's storm just added about 18 inches more to our piles. Piles and piles and piles with no where to put it! Piles at the corners of parking lots, piles next to driveways, piles on sidewalks. I broke two shovels moving piles and making piles! (Two shovels and one broom, but the broom I think was previously damaged a bit.)  And with the temperature warming up to 0 Fahrenheit as I type, the piles may be around a while!

Snowpocalypse Inches of Piles

Our Spartans were victorious in the Rose Bowl over Stanford and in the Ugly Bowl last night over Ohio State. I will not comment further on that contest: suffice it to say there was a seven minute stretch (seven minutes of college basketball = about a half hour, my wife knows) where i used foul language - and i'm not talking duck hunting, boys.
But I digress...
The Grape still would not start this morning, in spite of us employing the boldest, baddest set of jumper cables imaginable. I was able to get to work but Moni still has errands to run before she leaves tomorrow for Wyoming. Hopefully to-day's warm up will encourage that troublesome vehicle to behave normally again...

Thank You, Father, for so many gifts and blessings
Thank You for family and friends and especially for Jesus
Thank You for love - the love that You taught us
Thank You for a warm home and running water
Forgive our whinings when things don't go our way
Guide and direct us; fill us with Your Spirit, Your Wisdom
And we love You, too

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