Monday, July 5, 2010

that tender under the arm part between the back and the front

I got to the public beach at 9:00 yestreday just to see the Big Lake and then decide if i wanted to stay or not. It was sunny with a nice southerly breeze so i took my shirt off and sat down. No one was there, save for some folks walking south, way south - my quiet time was good and comtemplative for a short while. Folks started showing up and my books that I thought were in the truck were in my room five short miles away. But! would i have a parking space when I got back?!?!? '

I took the risk. Zip zip and i was home, grabbed my Bryson, Old School Primer book, my Super Dell Sudoku, a blue fine point gel-grip pen, Coppertone SFP 4, and a couple diet mountain dews. Found a spot to park and i had left my towell and hat on the sand (to mark my territory, no?) so i settled back in. The waves were getting bigger and the crowd was spilling over the public beach area. Folks who walk right by you real fast on the beach when they really don't need to piss me off. Jumped in the water several times, each time the waves were bigger and the undertow more forceful. Even though the temps were in the 90s with high humidity, less and less folks were in the water because of this. Those were the biggest waves I've ever seen at Pierport...and I've been going there since we were little tykes.

I made one more trip out to get some more diet mountain dew; by five of the clock, post meridian, there were enough of the Deliverance extended family so close to me that I decided enough was enough for the day. 9 to 5 the way it should be, hallelujah! Also, the sides of my torso began to feel very hot. They still are the day after, despite a hot shower (to suck all the heat out, you know) and a liberal application of Dollar General's finest cocobutter lotion.

Life is good!

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