Tuesday, July 27, 2010

and then it's 3 am and i'm on the street corner wearin my leather

and this guy comes up and hes' like 'hey punk' and i'm like yeah whatever...

Can't keep getting so pissed about the Tigers. Either gotta get a different team or ... just not get so pissed :-).

The Warriors. Yes, the best film of all time.

For fuck sake, they actually market that kinda shit... people pay to see that?!?!??!


Salt was good, though, action-packed and left us hanging on at the end for a sequil!!

...Alpha Dog had a sad ending but the dialogue was keen and the action acute.

...Public Enemies about Dillinger was super good...I had a hard time keeping track of who was who (all those '30s white guys look alike) but I still liked it.

...watching the trailer for Nickolas Cage in the 9/11 movie...looks real good... but I don't know if I can watch that type of stuff. They show the shadow of the plane going across some buildings ... World Trade Center: A Story of Courage and Survival...brings back ... yeah.

Tom Cruise action dramas are the best. MI III on now.

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