Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh, not tonight, Bishop; not tonight.

Watched Copout with Bruce Willis and it was kind of stinky. He does a great job in an action-drama being funny once in a while. I thought it was terrible him in a comedy trying to be action-dramatic. That's all on that one. Defendor was quite good, with Woody Harrelson playing a self-proclaimed super hero trying to right the wrongs in his city.
To Paris with Love was just OK; I was looking forward to John Travolta being bald with very black facial hair killin glots of bad guys but I still have a hard time in these shootemup films when there's literally tons of lead flying around and every badguy gets offed but the good guys don't get a scratch. Reminded me of Rambo II and Commando in that way.
Lots of rain yestreday and cloudy to-day with cooler comfortable temps. They were predicting mid-90s in Detroit with a full portion of humidity

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