Sunday, July 18, 2010

House-sitting for my landlord...

he's gone for a week and I have several reponsibilities whatsoever: dog (daily feed and water, outside at appropriate times, don't let him run away [as is his wont]); fish (a small pinch of food daily - this i can handle); flowers (daily water); houseplants (here's where it gets tricky: every other day for most, the palms don't get none, the banana is daily and the ... one of them gets watered once during the week...OH, God is watering for me outside...YEAH!!!). That's it really. His sister already came and took his jeep for a road trip and garbage day is wednesday i think.

Thursday after school I drove down to see my bride and we went out for some great artichoke dip at a local eatery. On Friday we breakfasted together and she worked all day so I saw Sorcerer's Apprentice first. It was cute but the absolute continuing dorky-ness of the physics-loving hero got kinda old. Great ending; once again the Disney writers got me to tear up (a bit).
Played Galaga while waiting for Inception with Leonardo. I think he's a pretty good actor; this storyline was hard for my peabrain to follow. I need to see it several more timessses yess, preciousssss. Dream within a dream and then another within still yet! Didn't quite get the ending either but don't explain it to mee, i've got alot of time to kill this week :-)
Tigers lost after the break on Friday and then twice on Saturday; the late game went into extra innings and finished late...musta been a walk-off hit or walk or somethin...late, as it were.
Seriously thankful for the rain; it had been soo hot and humid for so long. To everything there is a season. Last summer up here it was 'cold and rainy'; 'what summer?!?' was the response to my how wuz your summer question most we can't (and won't!) complain about the heat; we dam well won't complain about the cold in January I tellee.

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