Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have I made it clear?!? LIFE'S GOOD!!!!!

Sweety is going down to Detroit to buy a purple PT Cruiser. She called as she was just heading out and told me her prepaid phone wouldn't let her add the minutes from the card she just had bought. I called her back and as she was giving me the number for the minutes, we got dropped. I proceded to strap myself into Command Centre #2 and tried to get her some minutes. A quick call to her number did not verify that the transaction took place, but she could have just not heard the phone if it did!
Got to see my parents up here a couple times while they were on vacation. They really wanted to see my Command Centre to-day so I took them on a tour.
Have to get home to water the flowers and feed the dog.
Life's good!

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