Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No, no, no, ... I said DART gun!

Friday hung out with my Sweetie for the day and she worked in the evening then Saturday she worked all day so I went to the Cinema and had a great day! Started with The Three Dimensional Last Airbender. Kind of a neat story but the dialogue was just weak. But, we are definitely left hanging and poised for a sequil.
From there to Predators...same story as Arnold's but this time more prey and more predators. Kind of a neat ending...

The afternoon finale was Despicable Me and I thought it was quite cute. Another neat story, wholesome, nice, picnicky with noodle salad type of film. Snuck home and grilled some chicken on the George Formans enroute to Dave's Bigass Roughage and Produce Collection, which was grand, btw.
Sunday to downtown for a day game at the Park. We sought first some good old Detroit home cooking breakfast type fare. When this did not materialize, we said Oh heck yeah and settle for American Coney Island. Oh heck yeah what a breakfast!!!
Cheli's let us in at 10:30 and we were ready for a cold one (it being quite a warm one outside already) but we couldn't get bubble until noon, remember? So we soaked a few napkins with our perspiration and headed around the park to see if the in-house establishments were open...no such luck. The exercise was good though; my liberally applied coppertone spf4 was great for the arms and neck, the tops of my little feet, however, began to suffer. Gates didn't open until about 11:30 so we chatted with folks while security searched our bags (no gatorade, juice, or soda, just water in clear containers! And who's gonna win?!?!), and when it was time to go in, we went in. Bought a scorecard as is my wont and found our seats behind first base, with no shade for my feets. That's ok, we walked around the park a couple times sucking down cold whatever type of beers and made smalltalk with some fans. Oliver gave up two early and then a couple more before Bonine came in and gave up a couple more...i remember Inge ending the inning with a strikeout like five or six times (although the FSD replay later that night would not confirm this). Oliver just needs to get the ball over the plate and trust his stuff...way too many 3-2 counts and way too many first pitchs off the plate. Carl Pavano was brilliant through 7 for the Twins, who jumped up to 3 games out of first place in the AL Central with the victory.

Cheered on Miggy last night in the Derby but Big Papi took the prize. Tonight we root for the American League.

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