Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i knew it!!!

Rio Bravo, 1959, with Dean Martin, John Wayne, Walter Brennan, Ricky Nelson, Angie Dickenson is one of my top five all time films. So, on the free weekend examination period of some old movie station, there's this movie with John Wayne and Walter Brennan yestreday. I watch and really start to like the movie, the acting and dialogue were convincing...i don't know, it was in black and white but it just seemed ... good. (I've seen John Wayne in films where his acting skills, and script make me not want to watch.)
So after several large slices of pizza, I had to finally get off the recliner and fish around for the remote, to hit the guide button, and then the info button, to find out what this picture was called. Red River. Ok, so, just now I go to IMDB and search it and the first name I see is Howard Hawks, THE Howard Hawks, who also directed Sargent York and... Rio Bravo!! I couldn't be more pleased, right now, with my own bit of detective work.

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