Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What a blessed day!

Got to see my little sister, her husband, and the younger four of their six children to-day. They are such a sweet group of people, sweet like Armando (above). Me and the landlord cooked brats and dogs on the grill and we had the perfunctory Lays (2 for six bucks) chips available with pickles, asparagus, and cooked veggies for the brats. These were real good Mennonite store sausages this time...i might have overcooked them cuz they seemed kind of dry but oh well. We had fun. Both brother-in-law and landlord share a love of playing music and hunting various four-legged mammals so there was good conversation all day. Sister got to spend a half hour on facebook and you'd think it was Christmas for jumped on the trampolene and shot water baloons into the blue with their launcher.
I'm thankful for family and friends.
First short week of summer school ends tomorrow; next week is only a two-day week, this is do-able.

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