Friday, June 25, 2010

oh what fun it is to shop at the Wal-Mart nearest you...

'tis easy for me to spend lots of money there...they have so much I need. Groceries, kitchen stuff, beer, tools, dogfood, bathroom needs, ... omg yes they have it all.
A cool morning in Lakeland but it's warming up quickly. Tigers at Braves tonight 7:35 (is that a ted turner time?) after a huge win over the Mets last night. Valverde perfect again, Zoomaya not perfect but got them through the 8th, bats came alive early and Galaraga got the win (no one, anywhere, deserves a win more than he. he's my new hero. the Photo is down a couple of posts.)

Get to go buy some bird seed from the nice hardware and then what to do with the rest of the day??? Maybe make a deck down at the lake or something...

6500 new certified teachers in Michigan last year, less than 2000 of them landed a job in the State.

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