Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strength through unity, unity through faith...

A yellow-coded curfew is now in effect. Any unauthorized personnel will be subject to arrest.

Almost a week away from computers and those world-wide internets ( ) and I'm ready to type...

On theTigers.
They've lost the last 3 series to shitty teams and I'm coming to realize that the Tigers are just a .500 team. Not shitty themselves, not a legitimate contender in the AL Central, just mediocre. It's hard because I see the potential in that team: Damon and Jackson's overall fundamental soundness, the big bats of Miggy, Mags, Brendan B., the starting five who have all had phenomenal outings in the past but who often struggle to get through five innings, the lights-out bullpen, the recent draft which offered the Detroiters the sons and younger brothers of every current coach, player, scout, and announcer, and the weak-ass division they're in. Because you see, I'm a Purveyor of Potential. I see it every day, I evaluate it, and I encourage the holder of it to realize it. Like Ving Rhames told Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III, 'It's my job.'

On employment.
I will teach summer school for the first time in over 20 years; I think it will be much different from what I remember. I read to-day the letter of recommendation I got from the summer school Facililtator so long ago. Marcy Aller had kind things to say about me.
I've got information, man. New shit has come to light. Two of the three people in the district who are eligeble to retire have decided to indeed retire. Which doesn't really mean a whole lot but it may help make a difference for next year regarding my status. (Compare this to the 'small-town atmosphere' provided by the Brighton Area Schools, which announced to-day that almost 50 teachers have decided to retire, causing not only all the laid-off folks to be able to return, but they will be hiring 5 new teachers.)

On the 9th Commandment.

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