Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer School starts tomorrow

and if I were a kid whose parents signed me up, I don't know if I could be happier. It'd be about the same as being told there was no Santa Claus AND the world is going to skip my next five birthdays. Yeah, just about the same.

To-day is Ernie Harwell Day, I'm listening to the birds outside sing and chirp and twistle and aint it grand? I have to remind myself of the chores i volunteered to do while my landlord is golfing at St. Ives: feed dog, water plants on deck, water plants in front yard, water plants in side yard, water plants in house, let dog run rampnt in yard (only in yard, not all through the neighbourhood, as is his want), and that's it, really.

Mostly sunny and warm. Tigers don't play to-day but start a tough road trip tomorrow: Mets, Braves, Twinkies. Then, I'm told, 20 out of 27 dates are at home. They've got a pretty good home record so far this year. Austin Jackson got some playing time yestreday at the end of the game.

I've been procrastinating on a number of issues and I'd like permission to go ahead and take care of a few things...

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