Tuesday, June 1, 2010

for the fallen... we remember, we thank you, we owe you much

The nation became because men dreampt
Of freedom from tyranny
Lives cut short, lives changed forever
But we became 'One from Many'.

And as We grew, we waded through
Dissent, disdain, and sin
We suffered from severe attack
From without and from within.

Folks died. Folk died, too many,
for the freedoms we enjoy.
We live! We live, in comfort,
in the USA, my boy!!

There is no real and proper way
To thank the guys and gals
Whose blood was shed, who cried aloud
Who were slaughterd like animals.

We devote a day of Thought and Prayer
'Memorial' we call it.
Fill the cooler, boil the eggs,
spend cash right from your wallet.

The parades drown all noises out but Cohan
and Hammerstein,
We wish our neighbour well and ask,
'you're front porch or mine'.

And i suppose that this is all well, fine, correct
and good.
I can't help think we miss the mark, not doing
What we should.

Garrison Keillor's piece for Memorial Day:

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