Friday, April 30, 2010

Warm and sunny...

Praise God for His goodness!!
Praise Him for His purpose and plan!!

Tigers won with the Dtrain last night. Took the series from the Twins and the Twins had'nt lost a series all year yet. Yes.

Our boys lost a heartbreaker, the Ace was cruising with a 1-0 lead all game, then gave up two unearned runs and the lead. Top of the last inning we push across one to tie but then after one on and one out, a kid rips one down the left field line and over the fence. (now, if you're scoring that, the batter gets two rbi, even though they only needed one to win. he also gets a run scored, even though they didn't need that to win.)

Professional development day, once again; this time the entire county's teachers are gathered here in Onekama which is nice because i can find an out of the way computer to weblog on. I can also play around with google apps, the wave of the future for document and communication here in the district. K, did some of

Glorious day outside

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