Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where are you going Henny Penney, Goosy Luce, Chicken Licken, ...?

Foxy Loxy follow us! We're off to tell the king the sky is falling!

From the front porch of my rental I type, enamoured with the rain and seasonal temps (almost 50 degrees cooler than a week ago!), cautiouly optimistic about my job status for next year, getting over not winning the Biggest Loser contest at work (by a slim .2 of a percent!). Mama Kitty (her title, not her name, which escapes me most of the time) is trying to walk on the keyboard, then on my back, then between me and my smoking marlboro in the ashtray ( a defininte no-no), while thoughts come and go faster than I can keep up with my fingers...

I have the most precious group of seniors in a pre-calculus class right before lunch. They are all gifted in various ways: Kelvin is the male thinker of the group - his 'what-ifs' transfer from the math's at hand to every possible tangent. Ashleigh is an artist and prefers sketching to doing math's but she will work hard, examine book examples for help, and ask pertinant relevant questions. Kay-Lani-Lani-Luau is the female thinker in the group - athletic, very artistic, self-driven (almost to the point of obsessiveness), and very excited about being accepted to the large local State university. Jack could be an academic all-star but is quite lazy - he'll do what is necessary to get by and little else - but he's quite personable and laughs at everyone's jokes. Kitty is diminuitive in stature but large in spunk: none of us would mess with her or cheat on her in poker. She tries to do the work but her requisite skills are lacking and she struggles to keep a C average. Dantonio is a movie line waiting to happen; he shows moments of math'l brilliance but is occupied with running, senior t-shirts, and Kembo Slice. Betsie is a worrier; her doodling and lack of input during discussions belies her interest and apptidude in math's...she can do well and often does.

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