Sunday, April 25, 2010

10-9 ... 5-5

Yet another fabulous weekend comes to a close...thoughts regarding Monday morning which is so fastly approaching: I gotta do some things, some things are optional.
Get up
Shave, shower, get dressed
Pack all that baseball crap in my bag
Correct papers, get a test ready for 5th hour
Get a lesson ready for pre-calculus (complex solutions of polynomial functions)
Get a test ready for 3rd hour
Probability in 6th hour
7hour i don't get to see becuase of baseball, givem a worksheet ro something
Job list for seventh hour - bless their hearts they clean the boards, erasers, pencil sharpeners, and put the chairs up.
Leave school early which i absolutely hate doing to be statboy for the baseball team...
2 hour bus ride, 4 hours of baseball, 2 hour busride, stumble into truck, drive home, stumble out of truck, stumble across driveway through front door, peel off uniform, fall into bed.
Boys lost two in a double header at Wuerful Park on Saturday...just got a few details as i wasn't there...
Tigers lost to Texas this afternoon. Porcello got rocked ... dunno ... bullpen has  been stellar but the starters ......
Above right: Augustine, 13 November 354 - 28 August 430

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