Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yeah, life's good yo...listening to these old Various Artist christian stuff i got from who knows where...some hiphop, some eminem sounding, some stevie nix sounding, some five iron frenzy sounding (wait, i think it was FiF :-) them some jars of clay flood!...tried to get the old dinosaur ibm desktop connected in to the wireless but it wasn't havin it. either my skills are lacking (extremely probable) or this machine is not wireless capable. Don't know enough about it, dude. I'm the dude, man...

Tigers came on strong late and won. Middle of the order cranked again, Miggy jacked his second, Willis looked strong and Laird tried to get on with a bunt! Yeah, this is gonna be a fun summer! Mags ripped one, too. Pitching hasn't been perfect but they need to know they don't need to be! Perry shaky at first but settled in. Valverde gave up the tying and winning runs last night but Skip used him tonight to close out the ninth (not a save opportunity). Leeland on the KC series: "Every player got to start, every pitcher got to pitch, … we’re alright." Love him.

Love you mom and dad. Thanks for teaching me what you did: to love the LORD, to appreciate His creation, to smile, to be nice. Thanks for loving me.

Sent letters to legislators to-day regarding the state of Education in Michigan. Can't hurt. The Dude abides, man. Jennifer, too. God will provide!

Got some 90's contemporary Christian mix going now: Hands In The Air by The Waiting...beautifully crafted lyrics, smooth acoustics building to chorus with distortion, crisp harmonies...then Grammartrain doing Jonah...upbeat but repetitive lyrics.

Snow covers the deck, lawn, and vehicles but about half of the sky is crystal clear and starry. The Waiting with Number 9... great tune. Can't count on my fingers I got more sense than that...Considering Lily, the sisters from Australia: Pikes Peak. Supertones: Resolution...great bass line and horn leads. Love that little ska rythm guitar...

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