Sunday, May 2, 2010

God is great, God is good!

A not-so-great weekend comes to a close but to-day the sun was ashining and the music is aplaying and life is good. Drove up north listening to the Tigers and JV had a phenomenal outing to-day! Gave up a hit in the first, then retired like 23 straight until the ninth, gave up a hit and sparky pulled him for Valverde who proceded to shut down the halos for the final two outs. JV gets the win, and the damn near complet game shutout, Tigers got the win and the sweep! of the LAAoA for the first time in 12 years and the second series they took in a row. The Boys go to Minnesota for a series at the new park next taking a 16-10 record with them. Jackson only had 3 hits (5 yestreday) and there were no heroics for Damon (walk-off homer yestreday) but JV struck out 7 and didn't walk a batter in a performance that was as close to a no-hitter as you can get without doing it.
In other news, my landlord is cooking chicken enchiladas and i made a salad...sunday night's finest.
We play four conference games starting tomorrow.

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