Thursday, April 15, 2010


Our boys faced the number 1 ranked team in the State in Division IV this afternoon. We lost 9-1 in the first game against their ace, the coaches son, who worked the gasoline with a nasty curve and changepiece. Our lone run came on a homer that got up in the wind, the first of this senior's career. Some parents grilled hot dogs for the team between games and we all got some water, ready to come out swinging.
As soon as it started, we were down 8-0, but we were having fun. In the fourth, we scored six to make it respectable. Then in their fifth, they scored another five to make it 13-6; the score when we came up to bat in the bottom of the last inning. Top of the order. At least three hit batsmen, a few hits, some good baserunning (as well as good fortune) and we were narrowing the gap. Scored four with the bases loaded and two outs. Leadoff guy again and he lines one at the third baseman above his head. Just gets the glove on it and it bounds up and over his head, rolling harmlessly into the outfield. A bases-loaded walk makes it a one-run game, another single ties it and we've got the clean-up hitter who's already 3/4 with four RBI. First pitch he drills up the middle between the infielders, the winning run scores, and pandemonium breaks loose.
The clipboard I had thrown in a toddler fit when we botched a pickle two days ago again went sailing, this time straight up into the air. Life's good.

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