Monday, April 19, 2010


Split another double-header this afternoon, this time we traveled about a zillion miles south to a larger school on the west coast of this great State. We were up in the first one 4-0 (scoreboard said 5-0 so i checked with the home scorer and she said one of our guys who had got thrown out at the plate scored ... i only argued a little and then was like 'yeah whatever') and then got lax and gave up several runs we shouldn't have and lost 10-7 (which was really 10-6). Our ace started the second game giving up one hit and one walk and one ground-out and striking out the rest in three innings whilst we scored 11 (really) in the first and 4 more in the 4th...they got three off our reliver/outfielder/infeilder/all around nice guy in the final two innings so it ended after 5 with a 15-3 mercy rulle win. We could easisly be 5-1 with only the 9 to 1 spaniking our only real good defeat but oh well. Two more days of practice this week and a home stand thursday against a conference foe from the south. These long bus-rides home on school nites are made even longer by the now-familiar stops at mcdonalds. coaches eat free and i am soooo taking the point of gluttony. 'oh, and a 9 piece, ... and a cheeseburger, ... and a mcflurry... ... omg... felt sick and tired the whole way home but i deserved it.
Father, forgive my gluttony. Help me to satisfy myself with You and not food. In Jesus' name.
Good night, my sweet Monica; I miss you.

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