Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts...

Finally got to talk to my sister a bit over the weekend and I am thankful.
Warm and muggy all weekend with the potential for storms but we were spared what other parts of the country were not. Windy last night and the temps dropped - I am in my sweater (with the windows open though) and it is a comfy 50 degrees at 8:00 am.
The Tigers lost 2 of three to the Royals and the manner in which they lost that third game is more distressing than the fact that they lost another home series. Poor managing decisions, poor batting decisions, and leaving guys on base led to a tenth inning loss Sunday night (Monday morning, actually). They did not play Monday night, so I was forced to play spider solitaire while my bride enjoyed DWTS.

Thank You, Lord, for this new day
For time to work and time to play
For people in my path to love
For endless blessings from above.

Your peace, so sweet, it calms my fears
Your grace, so needed, brings me tears 
Your love of us, so undeserved
Your aim is true, You are unswerved

Lord let me love like You to-day
Change my heart for now and alway
That I might love with all my soul
And carry on with self-control.

All praise to God Who reigns above
Who showers us with endless love!
All praise to Christ, God's only Son
And praise the Spirit, Three in One.

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