Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our First Ever Whitmore Lake Tavern Pizza Wednesday

Last night's Survivor episode on CBS was another gem. I'm a very visual person and I'm sure a big draw for me to this show is the fantastic scenery shots of and around the island containing the contestants. The colors of the animals and the plant life and the ocean are gloriously beautiful!

A beautiful Survivor wave, with an accompanying bird

Another aspect that draws me to this show is the competitions: folks having to work together to accomplish a goal - either quicker than or more accurate than the other group - with the winner receiving some type of reward. The reward last night was a trip to an orphanage to deliver gifts of toys, bikes, school supplies, games to the kids, and then enjoy fellowship and food with the students and staff there.

This segment brought tears to my eyes - to see the joy on the faces of those kids, and to see how blessed the castaways were to be sharing the day with them. 

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