Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

Thanking God for the cooler temps this morning, after a muggy last four days. Tonight will dip into the 30s and me thinks I will cover the vegetables and herbs.

Wifey and I joined forces to put together a crock pot of taters, carrots, mushrooms, and a pork roast. I can smell it cooking on low right now ( I think) from 15.6 miles away (12.1 as the crow flies).

Survivor 30 final episode is tomorrow night.

Tigers lost by a run to the lowly Brewers last night - ARGGGGGGG^#@☄☢

Working on loans to-day for Tito, Currant, Cramer, Witty, Nest, Paterno, Slam Dunk, Hoag, Ham, OH - get to order the Paterno appraisal right now...


I lost my fantasy Week 6 so I dropped to 4-2. Then, in a late night fog, I started a pitcher that I really didn't want to have in the lineup this week. Lesson learned.

Our rep from Plastered Home Mortgage will be here soon and we thinks she will buy us pizza.

We just got a Wholesale Agreement Termination Notice from FLIRT meaning we no longer can send them loans. Well, there was alot of changes at that bank and we have only sent them two loans in the past twelve months... oh, I guess they're not doing retail lending any more! OK, I will update my Daily Rate Sheet as well as my Lender Information notes...

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