Saturday, May 2, 2015


Much on my mind tonight..

Earthquake shook the bed i was napping in early afternoon and woke me up. This is only relevant because we live in Michigan and earthquakes here are very rare. I remember my sister as a kid waking up and telling us to stop shaking her bed - that was the tremblings from a quake in Idaho in the mid-70s that was felt in Detroit. #earthquake

My sweetie is home from her second day working in abusive conditions (having to walk all day on ground up stone with no restroom or water facilities) and her body is sore... #prayerrequest

The Tigers are up 2-0 on the Royals in KC  bottom of the seventh with one out and nobody on.
Victor Martinez is hitting just north of two hundred with no homers@Tigers

Ninotchka (1939 - Hollywood's greatest year) on TCM right now with Queen Christina (1933, following at 10:00 #TCM

Full moon tonight; why does it look so huge out my front door and then so small in a photo?!?

Elton John's Blue Moves album running through my head tonight, particularly the above song from that 1977 album I bought during the summer before my freshman year in high school.

Why was Gose called out?

Three more episodes left in Season 30 Survivor. Two voted out each of the next two episodes, and then the final episode - including the reunion which is live and everybody is all gussied up and not looking too island-ish. #SurvivorWorldsApart

I wonder about many things.

First hummingbird visited our feeder yestreday on 1 May 2015!! He's been back to-day so I'm thinking the nectar is ok, even though i put it out last weekend #Hummingbirdmigration

The catmint is already dark green and shaped like a huge afro. The hostas are just starting to burst through last years growth. The lilac has huge leaves already and the (?) plum tree has beautiful white flowers:

Dear Father, I need You, your strength my heart to mend
I want to try harder every new day again
+Five Iron Frenzy

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