Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lovin Touchin Squeezin or Na na na na nana na nana na na

Thanking God this morning for providing us a more reliable vehicle for Moni to get to work and back in; the Bull has been traded, the Grape will now park under a shade tree in downtown Brighton on weekdays.

The Bull - the taupe 2004 Ford Taurus with 188k miles, a broke cd player and an excellent air conditioner, which we got from brother Dean - we traded in, along with a small chunk of cash, as a down payment.

The Grape - our 2004 purple PT Cruiser purchased  in Detroit in 2010 - will now be my day-to-day transportation. It clunks some when you hit bumps, and the driver side brake light is held on with duct tape, but it's got a (relatively) new engine, timing belt, tires, and struts. And it's got tinted windows, which in 2010 while spending several hot days camping along Lake Michigan with our old puppy Sierra, we found to be a very practical retarder of the heat.

The new vehicle, which has not yet been named (although I have one in the works...), is a blue 2009 Dodge Journey SE SUV, with about 54,000 miles and one previous owner (per Carfax). Very clean inside and out and the dealer is even going to bump out a couple of dings for us tomorrow. But the most important thing - THE most important thing of all - is that mama is quite happy with it.


Thank You, Jesus!

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