Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Well, well, well... what's been going on, precioussss?
Lots and none at all, isn't it, my preciousss???

I am reading the Narnia Chronicles once again.

We misplaced The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe so I started with Prince Caspian, which begins approximately one year (England time) after the Pevensies' first encounter in Narnia. I have not read this since seeing (quite a few times) the Hollywood adaptation, which includes a night attack by the free people of Narnia - led by Caspian X and the High King Peter - which fails miserably and leads to many lives lost. Very sad, and I'm glad it's not in the book. But I can see why Walt Disney would add an action-packed battle scene early in the picture: this second book in the series takes quite a long time to get rolling, if you will. I am already just past halfway through the book, and the Pevensie siblings have still not met Caspian, Reepicheep the Squirrel, Nickabrick the Dark, or Wimbleweather the Giant.
But, they have indeed met Aslan, or rather, are in the process of meeting Aslan, in the chapter I fell asleep in last night. Lucy finds Him one night while she is out alone, but the others are having a more difficult time seeing Him. Susan the Practical One will see Him last of the children, Trumpkin the Red Dwarf - their fellow traveler throughout most of the first half of this story - will meet Him for the first time at the end of the story.

We were blessed to have a facecord of firewood delivered this past weekend; it is now stacked and covered with a reversible (green or brown you know) tarpaulin, and we have already burned a great deal. I am thankful for Nick and his bigass F250!

Cold Michigan November evenings demand a warm fire

MSU lost a tough one to OSU on Saturday night, and that is all I will speak of this.

We tried a new crock pot chicken soup recipe and both of us love it. Less greasy than Pioneer Woman's Chicken Soup with Rice, but more carrots to be sure. Broth made from our frozen store of cabbage core and celery ends, along with fresh thyme and gave this almost a sweet flavour.
Just had a small bowl for lunch; keeps getting tastier!

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