Thursday, November 20, 2014

an evening rhyme

pm in the evening at home in whitmore lake
i like potatoes better when they're fried not baked
michigan at home hosting ud mercy titans
nothing 'bout the maize and blue seems too frightnin'
crock pot full of meat and carrots and lotsa taters
house smells so good right now and it probably will later
sierra out in snowy yard without a leash to stop her
lookin for a movie tonight: george, mary, mr potter
1951 a CHRISTmas carol starring Alistair Sim
my favorite scrooge, he is, sometimes i'm just like him

my sisters birthday is to-day, she's all of 49
why i remember turning that, two years ago was mine
i made a little song for her, i put it on you-tube
maybe tonight sometime later I'll try my rubiks cube

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