Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday is Here, the Weekend is Upon Us

Looking out my window here in the offices of Livingston Lending, LLC in beautiful downtown Brighton, I see the bright sun reflecting off vehicles, buildings, and the pavement. But my little desktop gadget reminds me the actual temperature is a balmy 23 degrees Fahrenheit. I turned up the heat while the boss is away this mid-day and must remember to turn it back down to 58 before his return. (My conscience would not let me continue without, at least, a parenthetical expression here. 58 is a slight exaggeration. He keeps it a little warmer in here than that. It's just that I work near a drafty window and it feels like 58 up here... :-\)
Upon his return, I will ask to be dismissed for 'lunch'. My real purpose for leaving is to obtain insulin, toilet paper, a box of fireplace logs, food storage bags, and a host of holiday foodstuffs.
I am in charge of the cranberries for Thanksgiving. But I am going above and beyond because I want to make my brioche sausage stuffing and also bring one of my wife's best pumpkin pies - the ones she makes with the sweet milk. Oh yummy yummy yes.
Actually, I saw in the Aldi's ad that they had cranberry 12 ounce bags for like $1.29... I wonder if they're any good.
B1G football at noon and 3:30 tomorrow...

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