Sunday, November 16, 2014

How We Make Our Guacamole Dip (And How You Can Too!)

It was about ten years ago that my sister brought me a carry out from a Mexican restaurant in Detroit. It was just a huge serving of nachos with vegetables and meat and cheese, but the green concoction in the small plastic container intrigued me. 'Ooh, what's this?', asked I.
'Guacamole', said sis, 'Try it, it's good.'
And I've loved it ever since.
I don't remember what it tasted like that dark evening in Allen Park with a couple of ice cold Miller Lites, but I do know that we've evolved how we make it here at home over the past few years, and we both love it termendously.
Although I do still experiment, the blend that we appreciate most (and can devour quite handily) is like I made it this afternoon:

2 ripened a avocados
2 diced roma tomatoes
quarter of a sweet onion diced
quarter of a green pepper diced (although we had none available to-day)
cup of Kroger's Private Selection Mellow Black Bean and Corn Salsa (mild)
dash or two of Frank's Hot Sauce
tsp garlic powder
corn chips for dipping

Add to to mixing bowl the onion and tomato; remove skin and pit from avocado and add


Add hot sauce, salsa, and garlic (two or three minced cloves are preferable, but again we were out)
and mix with your favourite spoon. 

The corn and beans contained herein bring even more flavor to this dish

Stir it, stir it good

 We usually prefer white corn chips, but any will do. I've been on a Paqui Tortilla Chips kick - beware the roasted habernaro variety!

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