Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Blessings

Beautiful cool, sunny morning and I finally got Sierra up and outside and back in before I left for work. She likes sleeping in more than I do, I think! She's slowed down a bit in her 14th year but she still likes food. I can remember when any activity at all in the kitchen would beckon her to stand right in the midst, waiting hopefully for some fat off the bone or an end of cucumber. She would even take a hunk of onion and devour it, albeit slowly.
She still comes around if there's activity, especially chopping, but she is spoiled to the point that she does not accept vegetables of any kind any more. (spoiled or maybe 'more refined'). I tried to give her a big leaf of lettuce and she sniffed it briefly, put her ears back, and turned away.
We keep these treats for her that look like huge peanut cookies and she will gladly accept any number of them for doing 'good dog' things like going outside, going potty, coming back in from potty, not eating the cat, etc.
She is thoroughly enamoured with Beneful also. I tried, once upon a time, to substitute the Dollar General brand in the bag that looked like the Beneful bag but she would not eat it. Smart dog. Always has been.

Sierra the Malamute. Beloved by all, aging more gracefully than many, still beautiful and faithful.

Cheese, please?

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