Monday, September 9, 2013

S is for Supplication

... and You know the burdens on the hearts of our loved ones, but we lift them up to you by name this morning: Jack, Mare, Stan, Rita, Stan, Kathleen, Charlotte, Justin, Joey, Dana, Stacie, Stosh, Ryan, Emma, Mary Ann, Dean, Meghan, Jake, Quinn, Courtney, Rusty, Drew, Mason, Kacie Elizabeth, Brett Michael, Kenny, Ken, Pamela, Kendall, Carolyn, Douglas Carl, my beautiful Monica, Jon Michael, Jen, Joslin, Joslin's little brother, Robert, Jason, Terrence David, Jeannie, Rindy, Tigh, Trent, Sophia, Kevin Paul, Michael, Michael's mom, Justen, Torey, Kaley, Kristine, Gary, Susie, Joshua Michael, Taylor, Jeremy Breeze, Ruben, Nancy Ann, Carlos Luis, Ramon Emilio, Alexander Joseph, Isabelle Anna, Ricardo, Benjamin Miguel, Paul, Paul's brother, Paul's parents, Kevin and John, all the Team and Participants for GNVDC #53, Fr. Pung, Fr. Mangan, Mike, Mike, Troy, Ron, Michelle, Tom, Shelly, John, Betsie, Little John, Little John's sister, Jim, Miggy, Max, Doug, Little Ricky, Justin, Anibel, Alex, Brayan, Jose, Torii, Victor, all our elected officials, Francisco, Earl, Bob, Dana, Little Bob, Doreen, Vicky, Dave, Danae, G-man, Jerry and his family, Wendy, Adam and their kids, Brad, Brenda, Blake, Bill, Nancy, Mrs. Chuslo, Kelli, Anna, Doug, Jeff, Dawn and their kids, Kim, Mario and their kids, Cathy, Jeff, and their kids, Arlene, Art, Dottie, Shirley, Sandy, Jim and their kids, Sharon, Janice, Kenny, Grace, Bob, Jimmy, Melvin, Grace, Wally, Lil, Mary Ellen, Jack George, Mitsey, Helen, Connie, neighbors, the nice UPS man, the nice mail lady, the park ranger, Butch, Joe, Wanda, Jeanette, Helen, Joe, Barbara, James L., Richard, Robert, Corky, Julie, LVCCM Secretariat, Ron, Kurt, Kurt, Dan, GNVDC Secretariat, Bill.
All of these we pray for LORD, that You would bless and protect. 
LORD, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.


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